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Tips for First Time Investors
Podcast: ‘Angels of Deutschland’ by Christoph Räthke

Christoph Räthke is a startup founder, investor, writer, speaker and mentor – and one of the business angels supporting Leapfunder.
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According to the scant data available, less than 1% of wealthy Germans – people with property in excess of 1 Mio € – are active startup investors. With his new podcast/blog/talk show format Angels of Deutschland, Christoph wants to change that – not by theoretical musings, but by giving an example. Uniquely in Germany, Angels of Deutschland is a show that follows a business angel as he searches for – and invests three times 30.000 € – in startups, explaining every detail as he goes.

Until September 2020, in bi-weekly podcasts and blog posts and bi-monthly live talk shows, Christoph aims at giving a comprehensive intro to the art of angel investing. Check out the first couple of podcasts here:

If you are (or know) a founder who should apply for the 30.000 € in investment, apply here!

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