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NoticeSound uses a technology that provides a way of analysing testing and measuring audience feedback for music content in real-time by employing a purpose-built infrastructure that presents users with suggestions based on their individual feedback. The music content needs to be analysed quickly which is mostly audio input such as music and soundtracks. With this technology as a backbone, we aim to develop custom audience feedback solutions for festivals, music venues, broadcast media, record companies, and more, through a white label interface.   Music data collected are analysed, providing the opportunity to make more calculated informed decisions concerning your business, product, marketing and content strategy. This could help you to improve your acquisition channels, broadcast time and discover hits & trends in your industry. With the technology already in place, NoticeSound can focus on developing the ideal solution to interact with any audience.     Intended impact Originally an app that connected music lovers to artists through new music discovery based on activities, NoticeSound has been developed on the back of innovative data technology that we believe can change the way people search for music. We believe big data is the future, and finding innovative ways to harness it to improve user interaction is becoming more and more important in the business world, especially in the creative arts industries.   We realised early on that the streaming music service market was saturated, and thus turned NoticeSound into a niche service that focuses on connecting businesses in the entertainment industry with their audiences, as well as introducing audiences to new, relevant content. The interactive nature of the NoticeSound interface allows for instant feedback, and the extracted data will be able to provide strategic business intelligence for artists.     Monetization strategy Our monetization strategy is two-fold; a one-off fee and subscription model. The subscription model is incentivised by providing extra features without watering down the flat fee offering.   One-off fee A one-off fee includes designing and implementing a fully customized app that will use the existing NoticeSound technology as a backbone. The fee varies according to a customer’s unique requirements, such as complexity of the app and the size of the market etc.   Subscription model The monthly subscription fee gives the businesses access to real-time insights into the data collected by the app. It also includes priority support and server costs. We aim to base the fee on the customer’s unique requirements, such as a number of users, user activity, as well as infrastructure demand.     Characteristics of target market Record companies are estimated to invest around $4.3 billion worldwide in artists and repertoire (A&R) and marketing. In 2014, this represented 27 percent of industry revenues. In 2014, music festivals in the Netherlands drew a staggering 22.7 million visitors from 800 festivals. These festivals generated nearly €180 million in ticket sales in 2014, with a healthy growth rate of 20% since 2012. The Dutch entertainment industry trade association, NVPI, in its analysis of revenue growth for the first half of 2016, noted a 52% increase in digital streaming revenue and expected the overall market to continue to grow.Streaming music represented around 89% of the €44.5 million digital music market in the Netherlands, in the first half of 2016, making up a sizeable chunk of the overall €72.3 million Dutch music market.   With the growing digital music market, record companies and promoters are increasingly looking for new ways to monitor and evaluate user behaviour, and consumption patterns in order to develop more effective marketing strategies.   Use of proceeds Proceeds will predominantly be invested into creating a scalable infrastructure, as well as back-end development in order to maintain, build, and improve a stable platform. Part of the investment will also be going towards our marketing budget that will allow us to grow our user base and build strategic partnerships.

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HR solutions for the gig economy

About clevergig is an accredited HR Tech startup and a Startupbootcamp alumnus. The current €200-€250K funding round is a bridge-round between our current pre-seed stage and that of a larger seed round early 2018. We will use the current funds to improve our product and significantly increase our commercial traction, by expanding the team on the commercial side. With that traction, we will have sufficient evidence to raise a new round via a professional seed fund.   Conversion The current round contains one investor of €100K, which signifies a Qualifying Event and will lead all convertibles to convert into shares. The conversion price upon conversion is fixed at EUR 1,400,000 for all outstanding shares immediately prior to conversion (“Pre-Money” valuation).   Vision The gig economy is here to stay. An increasing number of workers is choosing to make a living via several sources of income. And smart companies are shifting to a more flexible workforce to deal with peaks and insource specific knowledge. We foresee a future where employees no longer have a fixed role within a single company, but are dynamically teamed together from project to project, based on skills, knowledge and staffing needs.   Goal clevergig aims to make a strong contribution to this changing labor market. We wish to enable companies to create an on-demand workforce and to provide them with simple tools to manage their flexible workforce. At the same time, we aim to ultimately give workers the freedom to do the work they want to do, when they want to do it.   Problem A company’s workforce is an important asset that drives business value. Mismanaging that workforce can lead to increased costs and lost revenues. The planning and scheduling of that workforce is a key task in industries where customer demand is unpredictable and workers primarily work in shifts. Many smaller to medium sized enterprises (SME) in retail, construction, warehousing and hospitality use dated tools or manual processes to schedule and communicate with workers. Or they fully outsource the hassle of their staffing operation to temp agencies. And even temp agencies - especially smaller ones - use dated scheduling tools and processes such as Excel, phone calls and copying and pasting WhatsApp messages to assess worker availability and communicate work schedules.   Solution clevergig offers a workforce management (WFM) tool, to manage and schedule a flexible workforce with ease. It is built for the gig economy, where workers want more freedom to decide when and where they work, and where companies can more flexibly and quickly tap into a pool of workers to complete certain shifts or tasks. Both the online dashboard for the manager as well as the worker app have a beautiful design, with an intuitive user interface (UI). Our software is built from the ground up with the mobile worker and manager in mind.   Traction We launched our new and improved B2B software early January and have since then signed up three paying clients, leading to an Monthly Recurring Revenue of €800,-. All customers are active in the temp or event agency space. And with all of them there is room to upsell to higher subscription tiers and increase revenues. One of our clients is PDZ Uitzendbureau - a temp agency - and they are one of the key investors of this round. Another client is Amsterdam Arena.

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Boat sharing, scalable and insured

Nationale Watersportbank Nationale Watersportbank’s conception was inspired by our experiences of renting yachts overseas. When renting yachts, questions always arose regarding our responsibilities and liabilities, especially with insurance matters. We constantly felt that there was a lack of transparency. In 2009, we set out to change that with Nationale Watersportbank by founding Euroboatcharter, a full-service platform for renting boats in an easy and transparent fashion.   From old school to high tech During the last four years, we made some huge leaps forward. Moving from the semi-aged model of ‘calling and mailing’ towards the use of a chatbox, fully automated e-mails and the integration of the worlds largest CRM system, Salesforce. Because of these improvements, the sales team has developed greatly as well, ensuring 24h customer support. We felt that the use of these newer systems could be transferred and implemented to a fully scalable ‘self-service’ rental platform. That was the moment that Tubbber was created.     Main challenge Our biggest challenge is to supply everybody quickly and adequately with the right prices and information, and to grow in the number of customers and prospects. Together with two creative young professionals, members of the Tubbber team now, we developed our own new professional system in order to rent-out boats safely, quickly and scalable.   We launched this new system during two major B2B boating events; the International Charter Conference in Berlin, December 2015, and the International Charter Event (ICE) in Zagreb, March 2016. This new system, a self-service platform, was launched under the name of Tubbber.   Tubbber has been welcomed with extreme enthusiasm among our partners, hence, 95% of our partners are actively using Tubbber at this moment! This new platform capacitates the combination of a robust service team and new techniques derived from the sharing economy.   Opportunities and scalability of Tubbber   Peer-to-peer rental Peer-to-peer rental is possible due to direct communication between the boat owner and the boat renter, a personal online management system and automated insurance and checks.   Hourly and day rental Without the need of a sales department and because of the direct communication between both parties the cost per booking are brought down to a minimum. This makes bookings with low booking values like daily and hourly rental financially feasible.   More boats It is now possible to import and easily accept a wide variety of boats, because of our automated boat review system.   More customer data We get data from both parties as soon as they are logged in to the system. We measure every action on our platform. This means we now know more than ever about our customers.     Meet the team   Press coverage  

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Integrated Cloud

Introduction – Businesses are undergoing a dramatic digital transformation. To reach their digital transformation goals, business need to integrate more systems, people and things than ever before and importantly at unprecedented speed, to allow for a seamless sync of data and to have a “360” degree view of customer data across all departments in the company The Problem - Without integrations, business workflows breakdown, employees can’t get real-time access to the customer, product and order information they need to do their jobs. Sales, Marketing and Service performance will fall short of customer expectations. The Solution - A next-gen 'Integration platform as a service' (I-PaaS); Aplynk simplifies the connection between apps … all without you writing even a single line of code! Aplynk syncs data between business critical apps seamlessly so that the customer can focus on acquiring new customers than doing manual and error-prone data-entry activities Value Proposition  Accelerate Integration Projects –  Reduce development time by 90% Go Live in days NOT months – Customers can choose the pre-built integrations and go live in days Ensure data accuracy – No duplication of data in business apps Reduced Integration Overheads – Aplynk commits to design – develop – deploy – maintain integrations Save Time, Effort & Money Revenue Model: Aplynk earns revenue from each Integration by Monthly Subscription: €30 - €200 One Time set up fee: €250 - €3000 Data Migration: €250 per batch of 1000 records. Our Journey Jan 16 – Product Development Sep16 – Beta live Oct16 – Commercial Live Apr17 – Paying customers Traction: Aplynk enjoys strong traction from Customers: 14 subscriptions with €1.000+ monthly recurring revenue (as per May 2017) & €20.000 as setup & data migration fees. Integrations: Aplynk already has 20+ connectors and adds a connector every week Software Vendors: Aplynk is live on Exact Online (NL, UK, USA, DE,BE,FR), Zoho, Economic marketplaces Channel Partners: 13 channel partners onboard in Europe Team – Aplynk has a team of 13 dedicated employees working from in 3 global locations – The Hague, Bangalore & Brussels. Founders have a decade of experience in building companies in Enterprise B2B space, product development, and entrepreneurship. The Offer – Aplynk is looking to raise €75.000 via the convertible loan at 10% annual interest and 20% discount on shares. Usage of Funds – Aplynk will use these funds to increase the resource capacity in delivery & product development which in turn increases the top line. Why Us? At Aplynk, we believe that as businesses move towards the cloud , companies will buy more and more cloud software to manage their business.  with this; Keeping data in sync among all the software would be one of the top challenges.  This throws a big opportunity for an integration player like Aplynk. We believe we can be the leading Data Integration player in Europe with a clear vision and focus.  

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The Leapfunder Note is a sensible and attractive way to place capital in start-ups in the Netherlands ...

Diversification is important in angel investing. Leapfunder is a platform that allows angels to spread their investments. ...

Leapfunder investing allows you to become actively involved in a start-up, just as in classical angel investing, while taking all the hassle out of transaction execution ...

Leapfunder is ideal for investing smaller amounts in a start-up in the very early stages. Such investments can be a powerful addition to a portfolio ...

With Leapfunder you get a great opportunity to build up a diversified portfolio of start-up investments, often investors can play an active role in developing the company ...

When I saw the Leapfunder proposition I thought straight-away: this is what start-ups need. I am an entrepreneur and wish this system had been available when I started my company. ...

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