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Leapfunder makes it simple to discover and invest in promising startups online. Just a few years ago startup investing was only for a lucky few, because it was time-consuming to discover startups and the transaction costs were high. We’ve removed these barriers and now angel investing is available to everyone! Below you will easily find interesting startups. Investments can start from as little as € 1000.

If you're new to investing in startups: please read our 7 Tips for First-time Startup Investors.

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‘the Spotify for magazines’

"We believe relevant content enriches your life, and we are convinced magazine publishers are experts in making relevant curated content. Maggy’s mission is to bring great stories and the best content to any person, anytime, anywhere.”   Product Maggy – ‘the Spotify for magazines’ – offers an all-you-can-read magazine subscription, for only € 5,99 a month, giving you access to the full content of (currently) 33 premium magazines representing a total monthly value of over € 200,-. Maggy is an article-based application, letting go of the traditional pdf-replica magazine, enabling us to provide you the best cross-magazine articles, matching your personal profile. Unlimited access to 33 Premium magazines (many to follow soon!) Unique algorithm for personal article recommendations; Explore, search and save offline Designed for mobile, offering a great user experience; 7-day full access free trial; Paid account: € 5,99 per month for full access; Free account: read up to 5 articles per month.   Releasing Maggy 2.0 in June 2016 Maggy’s launch in January showed us that we have a great product with room for improvement. The release of Maggy 2.0 in early June will focus on user experience and user engagement with the point below as focus. Complete new in-app onboarding with focus on conversion; Improved navigation; Improved algorithm for better article recommendations; New design for article, issue and magazine overview; Updated website to increase app download; New personalized daily newsletter based on “Your Maggy” algorithm.   Business Model Maggy is the first to introduce a profit distribution model in the magazine market, based on time-spent, instead of traditional prices of print magazines. 70/30 split of net revenue between publishers and Maggy; Distribution of publisher split based on time spent; Focus on partners for subscription distribution; Advertising model planned for end 2016.   Maggy Essentials Easy international expansion; Content aggregator for publishers, resulting in key asset for partnerships; Subscription model creates recurring revenue; Publishing and advertising market still a multi billion market.   Feedback “…Looks amazing! Everything worked just fine from the beginning. Yesterday I started reading in bed and kept reading for over an hour! Must have read a dozen of articles already haha …” “…Great option to save article offline for in the plane …” “…Use it quite often in the train or when I am waiting. Excellent …” “…Even though I am part of the older target group, I encouraged my 4 kids to subscribe as well. I will keep promoting Maggy! …”   Maggy is featured in:

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Angel investing for everyone

Leapfunder aims to enable early stage high-potential companies to raise equity online from a pool of informal investors. For this Leapfunder has developed online investment tools that are designed for the combined needs of the companies and the investors.   Leapfunder helps startups to form investor syndicates online. For this purpose Leapfunder has developed the Leapfunder Note: a robust financial structure that makes it easy to bring together larger numbers of investor. Also Leapfunder has developed the Leapfunder Hub, an online social network for investors, where they can build or join syndicates.   The Leapfunder Note consists of a standard convertible note, and a special purpose vehicle for bringing together investors. This is combined with the software and payment means that allow the startup to issue the securities online.   The Leapfunder Hub is an online platform which enables investors to discover each other and communicate. It also makes it easier for a startup to be discovered by a larger number of investors.   Leapfunder aims to benefit from a startup only if the startup is successful. For this reason Leapfunder will normally receive a % cash commission, but it always keeps the option of swapping this commission for an equity participation in the startups that it supports. That means that Leapfunder shares in the upside of one of its alumni companies is highly succesful.

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VR design review platform

We are theConstruct, a design review platform in virtual reality.  Tap and use VR Today   Architects and designers lament that they are unable to convey their vision to their customers effectively. At the same time, customers are ever more demanding with respect to receiving high quality at a reasonable cost and are increasingly keen on wanting knowing exactly what they are getting.      Our product allows an architect or designer to provide an immersive experience of their vision before their product is constructed. It allows a designer without any VR experience or technical knowledge to present his or her work in VR in a matter of minutes and cost-effectively such that it is accessible for small businesses and individuals. We adapt our product to fit existing design processes and make the transformation to VR extremely simple.   Our prototype works with most popular VR HMDs as well as on smartphones in conjunction with google cardboard.   We are a strong team with over 50 years of international experience, mostly in the area of engineering. Like most ideas which enjoy commercial success, our vision stems from engineering design review and the significant potential that we noticed on the job working for reputable companies. Architecture, which uses a simpler form of design review than that of corporate engineering is where we begin our journey. Traction           Join us at theConstruct, where We make virtual reality a reality today…

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Accelerating internal innovation

Nuklius connects people and ideas in your company, accelerating your innovation process.   Setting the scene.. As technology gets better the barrier for innovation get smaller meaning small teams are able to disrupt established industries: Netflix, Spotify and Uber! You no longer need massive departments with thousands of people to build great products, instead you need small, multi-disciplinary teams who can work fast and across your organisation.   We spent a year researching what differentiates innovative companies from non-innovative companies to see what makes them so different? We all talk about innovation, but beyond the buzzword what does it actually mean? Simply put, being innovative, means the ability to consistently build great products which people want and need. What then is the flow for innovation?   Innovation Flow: ideation, experimentation, validation, buy-in, go-to-market.   The Problem We noticed that in large companies people are unable to find each other between the various phases, with it many great, potentially world changing ideas never see the light of day. That problem, of not being able to find people with the right skills in your company really is THE bottleneck to your innovation process.    The problem large companies face as they grow is that it becomes increasingly more impossible to keep track of their people and find them when needed. We call this the network dilemma.     Our Solution The benefit of small teams, is that you know exactly what everyone within it is skilled in so when you need help – you know who to ask. This is simply impossible in a large organisation.   Nuklius makes connections between people and ideas in your company, making it easy for people to find and share skills in their companies. With it helping big teams, act small - solving the network dilemma!   Nuklius inspires collaboration and knowledge exchange. By understanding who you are, what you are working on and who you are working with, we can better connect you with projects you relate to and people who need your help.     By tracking the user interactions our technology provides management with valuable business intelligence: we call this the innovation pulse.     Nuklius enables companies to create functional, successful teams by matching your employees' skill sets with internal projects & get better results. We unlock & accelerate companies’ innovation potential.     Market Validation If you look at some of the most successful companies today, Spotify, Google and Airbnb - besides building some of the most disruptive products, they all share a common way of working. They are all “team based” organisations; forming networks of highly self-empowered teams. It is because of this structure that these companies are able to continuously deliver great products to market quickly.     According to Deloiite, the majority of corporates and companies realise that in order to compete, they too must move away from their top-down company structures. With 76% of companies making this move, there is no denying that this is the future of work.    We spent a year speaking with employees, HR managers, innovation leaders and product managers in companies such as Intel,, Uber, Google, Philips, ING, GE to validate if the pain of the network dilemma exists in their companies. It does.   The enterprise social software market has been growing tremendously (3.5x between 2011-2016). This has been in part due to the rising trend of “consumerisation of enterprise”. Bringing consumer experiences and services into the working world.    Of course we are not the only company in the world trying to solve the issue of talent-finding. We are however the only one taking a radically different approach. Whilst many solutions take what we call the “management” approach to the solution, we at Nuklius take a human centric approach. Focusing on the benefits to the user, rather than a single person in HR.   If Taleo, PeopleSoft and SuccessFactors did what they say they do, there wouldn’t be a market for us, and the problems we have identified around finding experts in teams, would already be solved. But this isn’t the case. After speaking with HR executives it became clear that these solutions do not provide the answer to identifying an organisations talents. That is why we believe our human-centric approach IS the way to solve this pain.    Business Model Nuklius is a SaaS business, we are free for teams of any size to create and use their own nuklius - we monetise through a per user / per month subscription for the enterprise and large companies. Paid users get access to more functionality, control, and the insights (innovation pulse).   Traction The team joined startupbootcamp in April 2016 with the idea for Nuklius and validation research - in three months time we: Doubled our team, welcoming Tsvetelina a user experience designer and Modrich, a software engineer from London Defined our go-to-market strategy and product approach Built our product Signed our first paid pilot with ING  Are in late stage conversations with one of the largest financial services companies for co-creation. Have product managers in "scale-ups" who are eager to set up their own nuklius Raised €11,200 during the course of the program    Team Alex and Stefan (the cofounding team) have been working together for 3.5 years, having founding a startup together in first year of University of Warwick, where they studied business and computer science. After spending a year at Intel, Stefan came back to Alex and pitched the idea for Nuklius and they have never looked back. The cofounding team personally invested £10,000 into Nuklius when they founded the business.   It was the cofounding team that convinced the startupbootcamp team to welcome Nuklius onto the program:   "Stefan and Alex are rare blend of creative thinking mixed with relentless execution. They have a strong point of view but put customers first. They have the ability to inspire others into following them and see far ahead into the future of organizations. When we accepted Nuklius onto the program, they were still defining their roadmap but we were confident in the team and their abilities to ship a great product and get customers. They are true hustlers" - Sal Matteis, MD Startupbootcamp Smart City and Living   "I've recently been questioned during an interview on startups, how I would describe the perfect founder or founding team. Halfway during my description I noticed I was pretty much describing the Nuklius team, which I think says a lot about them. I basically told the interviewer three things, all of which I see in Nuklius. They have a strong culture of mutual trust and respect. They know who needs to focus on what for maximum impact. And there is a balance between one founder being the gas pedal (energetic and externally focused) and the other being the brake (calm and internally focused).I'm mostly impressed with how the founders have figured out to build a team around that culture. They know how to hire people that not only bring the right skill, but more importantly: they know how to hire people that further reinforce their culture of trust, focus and balance." - Bas Snippert, Founder OptimizeMe   Alex, our product guy, has gone from teaching himself to code at 13 by building Xbox games in his bedroom, to creating computer vision algorithms and founding two companies before the end of university. Modrich came to the UK aged 12 with absolutely no English, only able to recite his address in case he got lost. Ten years later, he's a computer science graduate who’s worked on five live products, used by tens of thousands of people. Tsvetelina started out as an industrial design engineer, but decided that making physical products was not impactful enough. Now, she focuses on designing human centric experiences, ensuring that everything she produces adds real value to real people. Stefan has been building companies from the age of 10, starting with a neighbourhood ‘concierge service’ which did everything from walking dogs to computer lessons. At 15, he founded a web development agency, which at its peak served around 14 smb’s in the Amsterdam area.     Use of Investment The seed investment will be used for the following:  Expand the team with a Data Scientist and Software Engineer Living-wage salaries for the current team Cover customer acquisition cost Office / Desk rental in a co-working space, after our startupbootcamp office expires Insurance, Legal & Accountancy costs   This capital investment is intented to give the team a runway of 10-12 months to get to a phase where we can show significant traction & monetise the platform to raise a series A.   Vision In the next 10 years, self-driven teams will be the norm - we are building the platform to enable companies to move into this new age of working. We are Nuklius and we help big teams, act small.    I am incredibly excited to use Nuklius in the ING Innovation Studio accelerator program this year. We have incredible talent within our network and alumni. We are confident that Nuklius will help connect that talent with our teams. To help them accelerate their business. - Adam Ayers, Co-founder ING Innovation Studio   At Nuklius it all comes together; Visionary product, great founding team and the ability to execute. Within 3 months I've seen them grow from just a dream to building their first MVP and get their first paying customers. With the right funding and support this startup will get traction fast and scale exponentially. - Jeroen Tjepkema

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What investors have to say about investing in startups via Leapfunder

The Leapfunder Note is a sensible and attractive way to place capital in start-ups in the Netherlands

Diversification is important in angel investing. Leapfunder is a platform that allows angels to spread their investments.

Leapfunder investing allows you to become actively involved in a start-up, just as in classical angel investing, while taking all the hassle out of transaction execution

Leapfunder is ideal for investing smaller amounts in a start-up in the very early stages. Such investments can be a powerful addition to a portfolio

With Leapfunder you get a great opportunity to build up a diversified portfolio of start-up investments, often investors can play an active role in developing the company

When I saw the Leapfunder proposition I thought straight-away: this is what start-ups need. I am an entrepreneur and wish this system had been available when I started my company.

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