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Clevergig B.V.

  About clevergig clevergig is a B2B SaaS company and Startupbootcamp alumnus. Our smart, on-demand scheduling software allows temp agencies and other middle-men to quickly match the right worker with relevant shifts or projects. We are tapping into the fast-growing gig economy and on-demand product and service deliveries. Our business model is subscription based, where a customer pays a license fee per user. Our product is fully operational and we have built up significant commercial traction in the last few months. Gross margins are high (90%), with healthy acquisition costs relative to Customer Lifetime Value (CLV). Our goal for the coming 5 years is to build a company with €5m in annual recurring revenues (ARR).     About this round This relatively small funding round is meant as a bridge towards a larger (growth) round in 2019. Please note that funding room is therefore limited. We will use the proceeds of this round to become cash flow positive and further grow the business. This then strengthens our position when negotiating with venture capital funds. Joining this round is a great opportunity, as you are protected by the cap, while our next growth round is expected to be done at a much higher valuation than this cap.   Commercial traction We use a subscription model, where clients pay a license fee to use our software. Our Annual Recurring Revenues (ARR) currently stand at €46K and have been growing fast in the last few months. With every new month that passes, we add more clients and thus increase our ARR. In the last 4 months, we found product/market-fit and managed to sign up most of our clients. All customers are Small- to Medium-sized firms from the Dutch temp or event agency space. We have another 47 deals in our pipeline, with a CLV of €170K when assuming a 30% conversion rate. Each month some 20 new prospects show interest in our product and request an online demo to see our product.     Sales model Our sales model is typical for a SaaS company. Almost everything is done online or via the phone, which is highly efficient and allows us to build a scalable model going forward. A prospect typically requests an online demo via our website (generated via online campaigns) or is approached by a cold call. If there is a fit, we then demo the product in an online meeting. After negotiations, we onboard the client via an online session and provide support via online chat or phone.   Product usage Our clients - small to medium sized temp agencies - act as middlemen to provide staff to their clients. Usually on short notice. Examples include staffing to fill open shifts for companies in hospitality, healthcare, and logistics. Our current clients serve more than 500 of their clients via our software. To date, more than 750 workers are actively being scheduled via our app. And it is safe to say that our product is becoming an indepensible part of our customers' daily operations. The scheduling data provides the key source of information to bill their clients, and pay their workers. Key numbers are provided below.     In February alone, >2,500 shifts - or 15,000 hours - were scheduled. A 44% increase from the previous month. Best news of all is that 91% of those shifts were fully staffed, and most of them within minutes after publishing. Below you can find a short demo of how you can quickly fill an open shift:     Vision The gig economy is here to stay. Consumers want products and services now and delivered to their door. As a result, smart companies are shifting to a more flexible workforce to deal with peaks and insource specific knowledge. At the same time, an increasing number of workers is choosing to make a living via several sources of income. We foresee a future where employees no longer have a fixed role within a single company but are dynamically teamed together from project to project, based on skills, knowledge and staffing needs.   Goal clevergig aims to make a strong contribution to this changing labor market. We wish to enable companies to create an on-demand workforce and to provide them with simple tools to manage their flexible workforce. At the same time, we aim to ultimately give workers the freedom to do the work they want to do, when they want to do it. Growth scenarios include linking up temp agencies' clients to our software and making our software a plug-and-play solution to adjacent software providers. Our focus remains on the on-demand space, rather than traditional and predictable scheduling.   Problem Temp agencies provide an extra layer of flexibility for many firms in the Netherlands. Some agencies provide on-demand services, filling open shifts on an ad hoc basis. A temp agency planner currently wastes time in finding the right worker with such an open shift. He or she often uses email and Whatsapp Excel to assess worker availability. Then calls or messages his pool of workers to find the right person and share relevant information on the shift. Workers are left with an old-fashioned and slow experience, while clients are left in uncertainty on whether a shift is filled.   Solution clevergig offers a workforce management (WFM) tool, to manage and schedule a flexible workforce with ease. We are now fully focussed on temp agencies. Helping them to quickly schedule the right worker for an open shift. Workers take a more active role and provide real-time availability, and accept shifts from their phone. Our product is used by small to medium size temp agencies that have a pool of on-demand workers, who act as a layer of flexibility for one or more clients.  
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ProGauntlet Round 3

CrossGuard B.V.

Homepage logoyd
“An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure,” - Benjamin Franklin   CrossGuard BV is a YesDelft! start-up with a fundamentally different view on hand protection. With an engineer’s approach to design, we create safety gloves which offer the best protection against physical impact without limiting motoric freedom. We have generated first revenue through small-scale paid test series and a production consultancy assignment for the Ministry of Defence (DMO) Please take a look at our product demo for an impression of our work.   Our motto is: “protection without compromise” and with our first product, the ProGauntlet, we’re well on our way to become the standard brand in Armed Martial Arts and to become a promising new player in other sports markets, such as Field Hockey. Our developments have even caught the eye of the Ministry of Defence, with whom we are exploring the long-term potential of our technology. The Problem In many professional and leisure environments, hand injuries are one of the major causes of both personal and financial loss. Annually there are 250.000 reported hand or finger injuries in the Netherlands alone (source: Veiligheid.nl). A substantial amount of those injuries are caused by impact damage. Current safety gloves on the market are often part of the problem. Users need to choose between safety (thick and rigid models) and freedom of movement (light gloves which often offer no protection at all). Currently, even the best glove designs on the market are fundamentally limited in the protection they can offer. This is a big problem among practitioners of Armed Martial Arts and high-risk sports such as Field Hockey, and there’s a growing demand for a better solution.   Our Solution CrossGuard’s answer to this demand is to start from scratch, rather than trying to improve what’s already out there. Our design is based on extensive study of biomechanics of the hand, material science, and impact physics. The result is a robust, lightweight and highly mobile exoskeleton, we call the ProGauntlet Marketing Strategy Easy access to users and market influencers are the key to CrossGuard’s marketing strategy. The ProGauntlet project started with a crowdfunding campaign within the Armed Martial Arts community and was met with overwhelming support. Since then, the team has made world-wide appearances at clubs and events to showcase our latest developments. Meanwhile, users and influencers are involved in the testing and improvement of our product, in order to stay in touch with the market’s demand and to create ambassadors to help spread the word. Within our niche market, CrossGuard has become known as a high-end pioneering company with roots in the community and we can say without a doubt that the ProGauntlet has become a highly anticipated product in all the corners of the world. This same approach to marketing will be exported to hockey and other sports markets.   Beta tests In the spring of 2017, we produced our first ProGauntlet Beta series to be tested with a select group of our Dutch users. This gave invaluable feedback, which served as the foundation of our current development cycle. Though many areas, such as durability and thrust resistance, needed considerable improvement, protective qualities scored high and our Beta users were astounded by the lightness and the freedom they experienced while wearing our gloves. For the first time, they could perform fast and complex motions, while wearing high-end protection.   Production Technology Manufacturing the ProGauntlet (with more than 22 plastic hard-shell parts per glove) in different sizes cannot be done with conventional production methods. This is why CrossGuard is developing its own versatile plastic moulding and casting system, which allows us to cost-effectively manufacture a great variety of complex parts. The system is easily scalable and has the potential to serve the needs of external parties. CrossGuard has already been approached for low volume B2B manufacturing orders by other companies. The revenue generated from such specialized small volume orders will enable CrossGuard to speed up the development of its manufacturing capabilities, while generating a foundational cashflow. These orders form excellent paid test cases for our production technology. Achieved Milestones Patent application (currently in PCT phase with a positive opinion) 2015 - 2018 Finding and establishing partnerships with key production partners 2016 - 2017 Successful ProGauntlet Beta1 series tested by users, validating core functionality 2017 Successful Proof of concept for production systems 2017 Team expansion (1 production developer 2 product engineers and multiple assistants)  2017 - 2018 Preliminary feasibility studies and partnerships in expansion market (Field-Hockey) 2017 - 2018 First Department of Defence contract (pilot) 2017 - 2018 Financing Goal CrossGuard previously raised €215K in convertible notes in two previous Leapfunder rounds and was granted a subsidized loan of €250K by the Netherlands Organisation for Scientific Research (NWO) in 2017. The goal of this 3rd Leapfunder round is to assemble up to €250K in convertible notes. Together with an upcoming private investment, this will allow us to: Secure the development and production of the ProGauntlet Beta2 series, which is aimed to be our MVP. Q1&2 2018 External testing of Beta2 Series and validation of the MVP. Q3 2018 Provide a financial buffer to allow for an extra, full development cycle of 3 months if MVP is not validated by the end of Beta2 testing. Scale up our sales and production capacity to manufacture and launch our Mark 1 1st batch and open presales. Q4 2018 Fund a preliminary Phase 1 hockey design program with a 15K budget. Q2 2018   Expansion Strategy The ProGauntlet is a pioneering project, which drives CrossGuards innovative product and production development. Once our technology has been tested and validated in a small niche market with a high demand (Armed Martial Arts), CrossGuard will have a platform to fully launch programs into other, bigger opportunities, such as Hockey and Defence/Law Enforcement.   Partners & Network CrossGuard has entered partnerships with multiple production parties: plastics production expert Polarttech, with whom the production method of major plastic parts of the ProGauntlet are being developed and Masters of Gloves, who develop and provide the textile inner glove. Recently, CrossGuard joined forces with MTB3D to create a 3D printing farm, a key component of our development and production facilities. For our venture into Field Hockey, CrossGuard is joined by Hockey aficionado and partner at Monolith Investment Management Guus Drijver and Goalie for the Dutch National Hockey team at the Barcelona Olympics and trainer for the Beijing Olympics Bart Looije. CrossGuard is part of YES!Delft and has access to a wide network of potential partners, customers and advisors. Through Yes!Delft we were able to partner with the Ministry of Defence’s Innovatiecentrum FRONT. CrossGuard also holds active ties to the TUDelft Faculty of Industrial Design Engineering. We successfully applied for an NWO Feasibility Grant and a “Vroege Fase” Loan together with Professor of Advanced Manufacturing Charlie Wang and Associate Professor Erik Tempelman. Tempelman is on board as technical production advisor.  
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Hub 560 336 nestegg biotech logo round card image 01

Nestegg Biotech

Nestegg Biotech B.V.

Homepage admin startupbootcamp voetjes
Introduction We are Nestegg Biotech, a startup company working in the southern Netherlands to provide enhanced automation for the global research and pharmaceutical industries. We have developed a new, integrated way of automating test with the goal of making systems smaller, faster, and more consistent than existing products. Most research is still completely manual or uses large, complex robotic systems that bring their own set of problems. Developing new systems for this industry is challenging because all research follows strict guidelines and must use standardized products for their work to be valid. We have developed a solution that uses a simpler form of automation while being able to use industry standard products and procedures.   The Market We are focusing on the market for immunoassays which are very standardized test used to detect the presence of a certain substance (molecule) in a sample (generally blood plasma or urine). Common examples of these test would include a pregnancy test, drug test, cancer detection, measuring insulin levels, or testing for infectious diseases. The goal of the test is for the sample to change color if the test is positive. The researcher can then analyze the amount of color change to measure how much of substance is in the sample. Within the immunoassay market, we are focused on a test called the Enzyme-Linked Immunoassay or ELISA for short. In 2016 the total immunoassay market was valued at $17.6 billion with around $11 billion based on consumables and accessories (our category). The ELISA kit provider market is a sub $1 billion market but is quickly growing as the assay becomes more widely used and automated. We will position ourselves to be a consumable that provides automation to the existing ELISA kits. (Sources and detail on page 19)   The Problem Most laboratories conduct thousands of these test per year and are currently limited by how many of them they can perform. Researchers either perform them by hand and follow a strict schedule of timed steps or they use a robotic system that is large and complex. The robotic systems generally require several machines and use robotics to move the test plate around to the different machines. Others do everything in one machine but are very large, expensive, and can only handle a single plate at a time. There are also several smaller systems but for them to work researchers must use custom plates from that manufacturer and they don’t work with any of the industry standard base products. Most of these devices can’t be used by any larger institutions that stick to following standard procedures with standard base products. These devices can only be used by small labs and single researchers doing independent work. Most research is built around simple task such as adding or removing fluids, gases, and test samples while conducting a test (assay). The medical and pharmaceutical industry use standardized test containers (microplates) for most of their work. Like a recipe one would follow in the kitchen, researchers have recipes for conducting a standardized test. These recipes require a series of carefully timed steps where a test container (microplate) is used to create a reaction. These test containers (microplates) have a series of holes (wells) in them so that a researcher has multiple samples on the same test plate. Being able to work with these existing microplates and then being able to automate the standard test packages is what this market is currently missing.   Our Solution We have developed an automated, integrated system for medical and pharmaceutical research. Instead of using robotics and multiple devices for each task we have developed a closed system with very few moving parts to allow for a new form of automation. When a researcher is conducting an immunoassay, they will purchase an ELISA kit and use a test container called a 96-well microplate with the kit. This 96-well microplate is simply a plastic test dish with 96 holes. What makes our new product unique is a system that uses micro-sized channels to flow liquids or gasses to the exact location they are needed on the microplate. This field is called microfluidics and we have developed a unique way of using this technology for automation. Most microfluidics are also non-standard products that are very specialized for very specific uses. We are using this technology but in a different way so that it can send liquids in and out of each of the 96 wells with perfect control. Our system is named “Obruza” and our fluid adapter is named “Unalfux”. Obruza is designed to handle all of the necessary inputs and controls needed to run a standard immunoassay on the 96-well microplate. With this type of solution, we do not disrupt the existing workflow or ordering process for our end-users. And simply provide the ability to automate the kits they are already purchasing. We are starting with a single plate version and plan to develop larger versions of the system in the future that can take multiple plates at a single time.   Business Model To use simple terms, we will compare our product to a printer. You have the printer, the paper, and the ink. You need to sell a printer one time to allow your reoccurring revenue from the other products to work. You are also less interested in paper sales because it is relatively generic, and customers can buy alternatives. Over time your reoccurring revenue from a high-priced consumable will surpass your revenue from the one-time hardware sale. The Obruza system consists of three main components: the enclosure, the Unaflux adapter, and the control software. We will sell the enclosure with the control software built in. Our consumable is the fluid adapter which is a one-time use product to be used alongside an ELISA kit. ELISA kits are fairly generic, and there are many suppliers who have thousands of kit variants. Despite there being thousands of kits, most follow the same basic steps and all kits can be reduced to 2 or 3 basic designs. Selling a consumable adapter for each kit means that researchers will be buying a new one each time. Researchers commonly spend hundreds or thousands for kits to perform these assays manually.   Why Us? We are approaching the problem from a different angle than most other companies. After studying the industry for several years, we have been able to identify what makes or breaks technology in this space. Our ability to take existing products and protocols and automate them with minimal cost, footprint, and complexity will make important contributions in this space. We have a dedicated core team and a strong support network in place. The team is confident that combination of its business model, technology, and development schedule are what set it apart from all other competition in this space. We use lateral thinking to pair well-understood techniques and standards with what we envision for the future of lab automation.  We are involved with the Dutch/Flemish regenerative medicine Crossing Borders Consortium (RegmedXB) and are partnered with the Brightlands Health Campus. Both of these strategic alliances give us the network and reach to bring a new standard of automation to this region and the world. We intend to serve the global research market by providing forward-thinking lab automation through highly adaptable design.  
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Early bird

Innovation in Motion

IIM Holding B.V.

We are Innovation in Motion, a smart home startup with one simple mission: to re-invent the everyday. We believe we can do so by creating products that add value for people, every single day of their lives. And our focus is on some of the most traditional product categories out there. In just a few years’ time, seemingly timeless products like doorbells and thermostats have been completely disrupted. Now, we invite you to invest in the next big leap forward for smart home: putting the home in motion. Up till now, connected switches, sensors and appliances have given us a glimpse of what’s possible. Moving forward, the next big step is to bring simple and affordable motorization into the smart home. By doing so, you unlock the power to truly mobilize the physical house around you and make your home work for you. But we discovered nobody is creating this technology for the mass consumer segment, so we set out to do it ourselves. With IIM, we’re building software-driven devices that combine the best of IoT with advanced motorization to improve the daily lives of millions of people. We’re starting with curtains. Almost everyone has them, but they haven’t changed in ages. That’s why we created Slide: a simple system to automate your curtains. You can install it on your existing rails in just three minutes, no drilling or tools required. And Slide is not meant to replace one action (opening your curtains by hand) with another (opening them with an app). It’s about adding new functionality, like waking up with natural light instead of an alarm clock. Or protecting your home from burglars with the ‘holiday mode’ when you’re away. Users can set these routines right from the app on their phone. Slide also integrates with popular voice assistants like Amazon Alexa and Google Home (coming to the Netherlands in Dutch, later this year).      What sets Slide apart from existing curtain motorization systems? The engineering behind Slide makes it the first product that puts smart curtains within reach for the mass consumer market. Motorized curtains have been around for decades. But they’re all based on the same mechanical system, which requires that a motor unit is fitted onto a special rail, that must be exactly built to order for a specific length. The associated labor, production and logistics costs are huge. As a result, these products are expensive and only targeted at a high-income, niche audience. Because they’re custom-built, these systems also cannot be sold off-the-shelf through common retail channels like Coolblue, Mediamarkt or Amazon. We solved this by eliminating the need for custom-build rails. We developed and successfully patented our mechanical design, that works with virtually any existing curtain track. Instead of a customized rails, we use an ‘open-loop’ system with an cable that’s four times stronger than steel and runs next to your existing rails out of sight.   Slide is also a software-driven product: we’ve fully leveraged the best that IoT has to offer to make Slide the most accurate, responsive and functional smart curtain system out there. For the customer, all this means Slide is affordable and easy to set up. Plus, the product itself is hidden behind your curtains, out of sight. Business-wise, we have a highly simplified supply chain that significantly brings down costs and allows us to offer Slide in a range of channels that could previously not offer smart curtains to their customers. Traction We already sold 5000 units in pre-order through Kickstarter and Indiegogo, validating product-market fit for Slide. Our most popular markets are – in order – the USA, the Netherlands, United Kingdom and Germany. We’re shipping out these units this summer and will start retail sales in the Netherlands in Q3 2018. There’s wide interest in Slide from the market, including the big smart home players, the window coverings industry, and retail channels. We have partners that are ready to start selling Slide. In addition to these retail channels, we’re also talking directly to key smart home players including Google, Amazon and Nest. Time to execute We’re raising funds on Leapfunder to help us prepare launching Slide in Dutch retail. We’ve done extensive research and have a good understanding of the market, and a clear strategy for launching Slide. This includes a positioning of the product and brand, channel strategy and marketing plan. The Netherlands is our beach head market to validate our assumptions. Slide is a born global product, and we’ll expand internationally to select markets soon after. In addition to our B2C approach, we will also consolidate B2B opportunities for Slide in hotels, hospitals, elderly care and office spaces. Become part of the next big leap forward for IoT at Home Innovation in Motion was founded in 2016 by Kaj Beetstra and Thijs Olthof. We combined our backgrounds in entrepreneurship and strategy consultancy with our shared understanding of technology and product innovation. Slide is the first in a series of smart home products we’re planning to launch. Slide is both a very strong business case in itself (B2C and B2B), but will also help expand our knowledge of the wider smart home market.   Our growth strategy following Slide is based on an ambitious vision that we’re eager to share. We’re confident that in one or two decades, almost everyone will have a highly motorized and robotized smart home that can truly take care of you. A house that will cook for you, clean up after you and put away your laundry. A home that’s there for you from dawn to dusk.   There’s a simple reason why we’re convinced this will happen: people have always sought to make their life easier.  This is why products like the vacuum cleaner, the TV remote control and the dishwasher became major successes and changed our daily lives. ‘Comfort’ is one of the biggest drivers of consumer purchasing behavior – and our products fit right in.   We realize this vision is a distant view for now, both because the technology and market readiness are not there yet. But at Innovation in Motion, we’re already building the products that are ahead of the curve and will pave the way. Products that, just like Slide, add constant value to your life. And in doing so, reinvent the everyday.
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Ronald Bazuin


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Date02 April 2016
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