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Smart blanket for babies

Hugsy - Bonding in a heartbeat Hugsy is a smart blanket that was developed to give babies, both prematurely and healthy born, comfort and support during and after kangaroo care. Hugsy makes the benefits of a mother's (or father's) embrace last longer, to provide comfort to babies even when their parents cannot be nearby.    What is kangaroo care? Did you know that all babies - prematurely and healthy born alike - develop best when they are safe and sound in their parent's arms? During skin-to-skin cuddling sessions, known as kangaroo care, parent and baby co-regulate their temperature, breathing and heart rate. Nothing works better, even for the tiniest and most vulnerable prematurely born babies who are cared for in an incubator. In the last 40 years, kangaroo care has been extensively studied and its proven benefits include: reduced stress deeper sleep better immunity improved parent-child bonding improved brain development This is just to name a few. To reap these benefits, doctors recommend providing this care between 60 minutes and 24 hours per day. In Scandinavia, hospitals are helping parents to perform kangaroo care up to 24 hours a day. In Western Europe, this type of care is on the rise and hospitals are shifting their focus towards what is known as family-centered care. Parents of healthy born babies are also more and more aware of the benefits of kangaroo care and baby wearing.     This is how Hugsy works:    Step 1: The Hugsy blanket supports a parent and baby during special kangaroo care moments, and during this care the Hugsy blanket absorbs the comforting smell of the parent.   Step 2: While cuddling their little one, parents can record their unique heartbeat using the Hugsy Heartbeat Module.    Step 3: After the kangaroo care session has ended, Hugsy then continues to provide the feeling of a parent's comforting presence, when parents cannot be nearby. The Hugsy recreates the feeling of a parent's embrace, surrounds the baby with their smell, and plays back their unique heartbeat.      Why now? Parents are becoming more and more highly-educated, and more women are entering the workforce than ever before. Demanding work and family lives are driving demand for alternatives to traditional baby care methods. As much as parents want to be with their little one 24/7, it’s simply not always possible. This is where technology can really make a difference! Current trends in babycare show the incorporation of technology into baby products on the one hand and going back to nature on the other - baby wearing/kangaroo care, attachment parenting and breastfeeding, for instance. Hugsy brings technology to natural ways of baby care in a way that suits modern parents' lifestyle.   Customer traction Hugsy is already being used in the Máxima Medisch Centrum in Veldhoven, one of the most advanced hospitals in the Netherlands when it comes to family-centered care. Both nurses and parents who used Hugsy during the clinical trial are excited about Hugsy and don't want to give it back. A paper about the medical results in this trial will be published in a medical journal later this year. By mid-2017, we will continue testing Hugsy in 4 hospitals throughout the Netherlands. News of our clinical trial is spreading, and mothers of healthy born babies are already asking their midwives for a Hugsy by name. Therefore, we're currently also testing Hugsy in a home setting. The first results regarding comfort and crying of these healthy born babies are promising. In April, we will launch a pre-order campaign and plan on selling 99 Hugsies in a limited edition to fulfill the demand for Hugsies that we have already received.   “I think the Hugsy definitely has benefits, especially in the development of the little one. If you think about the heartbeat and the smell, I truly believe this can have a positive effect on the baby’s development.” - Sandra van der Zander-Kwaks (mother of first patient in clinical trial)    “It is difficult because the babies who respond so positively to Hugsy have their Hugsy taken away again at the end of the trial, and you can notice a big difference that they are not comfortable when they don’t have their Hugsy. Parents and nurses working with Hugsy really don’t want to give it back.” - Astrid Osagiator (Senior NICU Nurse at Maxima Medical Center)   “Hugsy makes the transfer from my chest to the crib smooth and less stressful. Because my son doesn’t feel cold or unsupported, he stays sound asleep during the transfer.” - Michelle Vink (mother of a healthy born baby)   Media & Awards   Team & partners   Sylvie Claes, CEO & Co-Founder Sylvie has a background in Industrial Design with specialization in design leadership and entrepreneurship, and holds a MSc in Industrial Design from the Eindhoven University of Technology. Sylvie has a broad range of experience, from product and technology development, to branding, marketing and product strategy.      Jody van den Tillaart, COO & Co-Founder Jody holds an MA degree in Dutch language and literature and started her career as a journalist. She has always been passionate about the emerging startup ecosystem and has experience in several positions, including head of media, community manager, editor, presenter and content marketeer. She is also a mother of 4 children.    

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NoticeSound uses a technology that provides a way of analysing testing and measuring audience feedback for music content in real-time by employing a purpose-built infrastructure that presents users with suggestions based on their individual feedback. The music content needs to be analysed quickly which is mostly audio input such as music and soundtracks. With this technology as a backbone, we aim to develop custom audience feedback solutions for festivals, music venues, broadcast media, record companies, and more, through a white label interface.   Music data collected are analysed, providing the opportunity to make more calculated informed decisions concerning your business, product, marketing and content strategy. This could help you to improve your acquisition channels, broadcast time and discover hits & trends in your industry. With the technology already in place, NoticeSound can focus on developing the ideal solution to interact with any audience.     Intended impact Originally an app that connected music lovers to artists through new music discovery based on activities, NoticeSound has been developed on the back of innovative data technology that we believe can change the way people search for music. We believe big data is the future, and finding innovative ways to harness it to improve user interaction is becoming more and more important in the business world, especially in the creative arts industries.   We realised early on that the streaming music service market was saturated, and thus turned NoticeSound into a niche service that focuses on connecting businesses in the entertainment industry with their audiences, as well as introducing audiences to new, relevant content. The interactive nature of the NoticeSound interface allows for instant feedback, and the extracted data will be able to provide strategic business intelligence for artists.     Monetization strategy Our monetization strategy is two-fold; a one-off fee and subscription model. The subscription model is incentivised by providing extra features without watering down the flat fee offering.   One-off fee A one-off fee includes designing and implementing a fully customized app that will use the existing NoticeSound technology as a backbone. The fee varies according to a customer’s unique requirements, such as complexity of the app and the size of the market etc.   Subscription model The monthly subscription fee gives the businesses access to real-time insights into the data collected by the app. It also includes priority support and server costs. We aim to base the fee on the customer’s unique requirements, such as a number of users, user activity, as well as infrastructure demand.     Characteristics of target market Record companies are estimated to invest around $4.3 billion worldwide in artists and repertoire (A&R) and marketing. In 2014, this represented 27 percent of industry revenues. In 2014, music festivals in the Netherlands drew a staggering 22.7 million visitors from 800 festivals. These festivals generated nearly €180 million in ticket sales in 2014, with a healthy growth rate of 20% since 2012. The Dutch entertainment industry trade association, NVPI, in its analysis of revenue growth for the first half of 2016, noted a 52% increase in digital streaming revenue and expected the overall market to continue to grow.Streaming music represented around 89% of the €44.5 million digital music market in the Netherlands, in the first half of 2016, making up a sizeable chunk of the overall €72.3 million Dutch music market.   With the growing digital music market, record companies and promoters are increasingly looking for new ways to monitor and evaluate user behaviour, and consumption patterns in order to develop more effective marketing strategies.   Use of proceeds Proceeds will predominantly be invested into creating a scalable infrastructure, as well as back-end development in order to maintain, build, and improve a stable platform. Part of the investment will also be going towards our marketing budget that will allow us to grow our user base and build strategic partnerships.

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When innovation needs a match

HollandIP offers Dutch innovators smart-technology driven services to innovate better and faster by matching their needs and wants with the best solutions available on a global scale 24/7.     Who are we? Holland Innovation Platform or HollandIP builds B2B-services for the innovation industry based on smart and advanced technologies such as Artificial Intelligence and Robotic Process Automation. We believe modern technology has now reached the point where it can outperform certain business processes executed by humans. Our services perform night and day, around the world, across all sectors or systems. It can obtain more knowledge and experience than any human-based organisation or network as it learns faster and more consistently.   What are the problems? Innovators have a hard time finding the right parties to complement their knowledge and skills or get the necessary help to complete their innovation projects. It is problematic to easily obtain and share knowledge or ask for assistance. Identifying and applying for government and EU incentive programs, subsidies and financing is complicated, time-consuming and costly.   What are our solutions? A single platform offering easy to use smart technologies to match those needs with the best solutions worldwide. This accelerates innovation projects, but also revives unfinished or forgotten ones. Our SmartToolBox facilitates smart matching between an innovation project and available public or private funding programs. It also automates the application process.       How are we different? We eliminate a major bottleneck in the current process by using smart technologies: the actual matching of the needs and wants of innovators by human-driven networks. Our system determines 24/7 anywhere in the world what the best answers are to the innovator's needs and based on the latest available information. We believe we can, in time, always offer the best matches to address those needs.   Why are we doing this? Success in innovation strengthens the economy, creates jobs and advances a country's reputation. It also means sustenance, growth and profitability for both universities and businesses. And it is good business.   Our team and why us? We have a long-time experience in software development, digital platforms, entrepreneurship and building companies. Our accomplished board of advisors has a history and competence in innovation.  We understand the market, also based on three years of research, and have the clear vision, knowledge and experience how to build the technology to offer the proposed solution.    What we offer HollandIP is raising €400.000 in convertible notes, carrying 7% annual interest, with 25% discount (30% for Early Birds) at conversion.    Why invest?  We foresee to become a highly profitable HiTech enterprise by providing a state-of-the-art platform using the latest technologies, such as artificial intelligence (IA) and robotic process automation (RPA). We launch in the Netherlands and scale up globally. You can make a substantial bigger return on your investment in HollandIP than depositing your money in a savings account. Let your money work for you with us.   Click here to see how convertible notes work and what the return on your investment could be. This information is also available in Dutch.   This is what the Dutch government has to say about HollandIP:

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Cloud software for fitness & health

Fitmanager provides an innovative, online software platform for small clubs and personal trainers in the fast growing fitness & health industry   Health & fitness has become an integrated part in people’s lifestyle and identity, and fitness participation keeps increasing considerably. There is a strong growth in personal training, small group training, box- and 'boutique' gyms, and outdoor trainings keep rising in popularity.   In this new market, especially independent business owners and small companies need help with organizing and controlling their business and financials. For many of them (75% of the total market) administration and marketing is a time-consuming and complex process. Their customers also expect online tools and apps to easily find, book, pay and manage their registrations. Because of the lack or resources and knowledge to provide this, these small companies lose income and clients.   A complete set of online tools and apps for managing your fitness & health business, and communicate with new and existing clients Fitmanager solves this problem for personal trainers and small/medium-sized clubs. We offer an easy accessible, online solution (online access & smartphone app) for membership administration, planning, reservations, payments and communication. Our solution automates all crucial processes and communication so these busy business owners can focus on training and serving their customers.     Besides these tools, we also built an integrated marketplace for consumers to find, book, manage and pay their activities without any form of subscription or club membership. This platform is already in place and with several tests in 2015 and 2016 it is ready to grow further in the coming year.   Small dedicated team Fitmanager is built by a small experienced team, with a perfect understanding of the fitness & health market and technology. Despite we have a small team, we managed to set up a very complete service in a short time, generating revenues since launch, along with a well-received brand and transparent pricing.   Fast growing revenues, used by thousands of people We are past the development phase and actively in business with a good product-market fit. We have happy clients who recommend our product and we are making revenues. After our formal launch in October 2016 we saw a strong growth in clients and revenue. Our software and app is already used by almost 10.000 people all over The Netherlands. At this point and we expect to grow fast and expand our business to other countries within the next year.

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