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Hub 560 336 itpa 400
Early bird

ITPA Group

ITPA Group B.V.

ITPA prevents IT performance issues and resolves delays and instabilities in the entire IT environment. This way ITPA solves the problem of delays, outages, instabilities in IT environments of all organisations where IT is a backbone of the operations. ITPA can resolve issues but also prevent issues to happen in the future. This saves organisations huge amounts of money due to : loss of revenue, reduction in productivity, instant cost for repair, expensive consultant in long lasting projects, structural turnover loss (clients and partners leaving), brand and image damage.   The problem In case an IT outages, delay or instability occurs, how to detect the cause? And how do you know you are not working on solving symptoms instead of the root cause? What are relations between the components? Changing one thing can lead to causing another issue. You also do not want long consultancy projects with huge hourly rates and no need to solve issues really fast. Our own research shows that in 81% of the IT performance issues the problem is caused by incorrect parameter settings. These parameters are set initially set, but the IT environment changes drastically over the years (changed number of users, applications, infrastructure, patches and updates, etc.). Now the parameters are not optimized anymore, they even can cause IT problems.    The solution: Performance Improvement as a Service USP 1: Holistic approach no restricting to parts of the IT environment By means of a holistic approach, ITPA does not restrict the scope and focusses on the entire IT. This way all issues can be detected really fast. USP 2: Detection and solution ITPA will not only detect, but also resolve the causes of delays and instabilities. USP 3: Artificial Intelligence to optimize the parameters By using the ITPA Artificial Intelligence system, ITPA can really fast detect, analyse and optimize the parameter settings. This is absolutely unique. USP 4: prevention By offering the monitoring services we can see issues occurring up to 90 days ahead. Prevention is even better than resolving the issues when it really occurs. USP 5: Speed to optimize Because of the tool we work with, we can really speed up the process of solving issues and preventing issues to happen. Real time notifications can be send out to partners and clients (by SMS, text messages, dashboard, 24x7 hrs etc). The speed to resolve the issues is unique. USP 6: Continuous innovation On a short notice ITPA will launch Blockchain Performance Improvement as a SaaS solution.   Client case: Parameter Management at Energy provider Situation: An international energy provider is running a massive ERP application. The system is, slow, unstable and sluggish. End users have been complaining for quite some time to the point that they did not even complain anymore. Several IT advisors and well-known vendors examined the problems. Specialists were flown in from abroad to deal with the matter. This took one and a half year and produced no results... Only high invoices for consultancy services in specialist areas where the symptoms occurred. After being diagnosed by ITPA a report was issued within a week, providing the optimal parameter settings for this customer. Result: After 7 days the system was stabilized and there were no more delays or breakdowns; no more downtime. In the following week the performance was much faster. No more complaints or helpdesk calls. All parties involved (suppliers, customers and partners) are very satisfied.   Investment ITPA Group is raising a minimum of €300K as a convertible note to scale-up capacity and specialization in the Netherlands and expand via partners internationally (Benelux, UK, Germany, France, but also further abroad). The funds will be dedicated mainly to expand the company in the fields of direct-and-indirect sales and marketing, technical development, product development, service delivery management.  
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Soulskill B.V.

Traditional means of employment are going through dramatic change with the millennial workforce joining in, and these combined with related technological and cultural shifts are driving a growth in freelancing globally. In younger demographics, and especially in the creative space, >50% of all roles are performed by freelancers - a trend we expect will continue and spread to other sectors.We are therefore building soulskill.com - a talent relationship manager for small and mid-sized team to maintain and grow their freelance workforce. 6 member core team, all full time. Technology developed in house and founders have previously built and exited technology companies Received ~EUR 85K technical grant from the Dutch Good Growth Fund (under the RVO) in July 2018 3+ active pilots in India, currently in the process of formalising the commercial contracts. Strong pipeline of marquee clients Our MVP is live and is currently focused on solving the Freelancer Staffing problem for our clients. Over time we intend to extend our solution and / or integrate it with existing products around Project tracking and management, Freelancer sourcing, Client relationship management, Invoicing and potentially Payrolling as well - which should allow us to provide a full-suite cloud ERP to service businesses of the future.   The initial version of our product was built by our subsidiary in India, and the IP ownership has been completely transferred to our Dutch B.V. since 01-10-2018. Future financing and revenue collection will also all take place via our Dutch B.V.
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With Leapfunder you get a great opportunity to build up a diversified portfolio of start-up investments, often investors can play an active role in developing the company

When I saw the Leapfunder proposition I thought straight-away: this is what start-ups need. I am an entrepreneur and wish this system had been available when I started my company.

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Pieter ter Kuile


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Wouter Kneepkens


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Ronald Bazuin


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Eric van der Maten


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Eric van Gilst


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Donald Res


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