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Fanbase management for organizers

Hugo allows event organizers to manager their fanbase by creating consumer profiles from ticketing data, newsletter subscriber lists and questionnaire input. These profiles are then enriched with questionnaire insights. Event organizers are now enabled to target people via email campaigns, based on their preferences, behavior and/or input. With Hugo, consumers are able to easily and quickly share their feedback via the channel (and at the time) they prefer. Consumers are contributing to an event better event experience at any given point in time. Hugo crunches data to make organizer’s lives easier; by working with Hugo, they get to understand their fanbase better. Organizers save time, money, limit risks and get more insights to base their decisions on. They are enabled to enlarge their fanbase, integrate different sources of data and provide their fans with the content they prefer. Only by working with Hugo, event organizers get to know what drives their fans. At any given point in time. Since the start of sales in January 2016, Hugo as attracted 40 paying customers in 4 countries. These 40 customers have an average value per customer per year of 500 euro, bringing the annual revenue (which is growing) to 20.000 euro for 2016. Throughout the upcoming years, Hugo is will expand activities to over 10 countries and will broaden the sales target. In 2016, the start was made within the music industry but getting food at a restaurant can also be considered an event. Hugo’s quarterly revenue will exceed 200.000 euro by the end of 2018, while only facing little over 148.000 euro in costs. This will be achieved via direct sales activities, partnerships with complementary business (like ticketing companies) and inbound marketing efforts. With this convertible notes round, Hugo wants to raise a minimum of 150.000 euro to realize Hugo’s growth potential and keep the speed of growth as it has taken place throughout the first months of 2016. With this convertible notes round, Hugo can be made VC-ready during the remainder of 2016 and first quarters of 2017 after which the equity investment will take place.  

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A Social App for Mobile Video

Creating and sharing compelling video stories made easy! Everyday we all watch multi-angle video. TV shows, movies, video commercials, video interviews all are recorded using multiple camera angles to create richer and more intriguing video content. However, creating multi angle video stories used to be just for just the pro’s and video editing fanatics. Creating multi angle video used to take lots of time, expensive and complex video editing software. But now with GroupClip everyone can create compelling multi-angle video stories in just minutes.         Why use Groupclip? It’s easy; Groupclip has a learning curve of just a few minutes. You don’t have to spent frustrating hours learning complex video editing software like Final Cut Pro or Adobe Premiere; It’s free; the basic features of Groupclip are free to use. These features would normally be only be available in expensive video editing software. It's fast; within minutes you can create unique and compelling video collages that would normally take at least a few hours to create. The videos are automatically optimized so you can directly share your video story on social media; It's fun! How does Groupclip work? Groupclip users can invite friends or discover GroupClip users nearby and co-record videos together. Within moments, GroupClip mashes the co-created videos together to one multi-frame video clip available to edit or directly share by all contributors.  After recording all contributors can create their own video story version of the recorded event. The co-recorded video clip can easily be edited by (de-)activating individual clips on the timeline. The result is an amazing looking synchronized video clip that automatically switches between the different camera footage. In addition users can add videos, photos, music and audio. After editing using can directly share their video an all mayor social media platforms.  Why invest in Groupclip? We believe that video is the new text and that there is a big and growing market for easy to use tools that help people to create and share their video stories. The online video revolution: Every month more video is placed online than all major TV companies have produced in the past 30 years Every month more than 10 billion hours of video is watched on just Youtube and Facebook alone More than 50% of all this video is created with the mobile phone! Cisco has calculated that in just a few years 90% of all information on the Internet will be video. Online video will change how we communicate and share information. It will change how we learn and innovate; online video has become the new text! In a world where video will become the primary form of information transfer there will be a unprecedented demand for easy to use tools that enable people to get their video story across. We believe that GroupClip will be one of those easy to use and powerful tools that the many millions of mobile phone users around the world will use to share their experiences, stories and knowledge through online video. Business Model The business model is based on a freemium revenue model. Users can download GroupClip for free and record multi-frame videos. By purchasing in-app features users can unlock the full potential of GroupClip and enrich and customize their video clips to their likings. In-app advertising in the free version will generate a second revenue stream.   Additonal usp’s Mentor and Investor Jeroen Wijering, founder of JW Player, the world most popular video player to date: his expertise and (USA) network will support international roll out and (streaming)development; First interest by several tech giants; First interest by international top DJ’s; potential international brand ambassadors. The online video revolution has started, get aboard! Create multi-camera video together with your friends Video editing in minutes that used to take hours   -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Update On the 28th of May we soft-launched the Groupclip iOS version in the Appstore. Our goal was to attract “some” users in stealth mode that would enable us to start learning and optimize the app based on the user metrics.  However, the news of our soft-launch was picked up by the Dutch website The Next Web. Minutes after their publication the international press got hold of our story and it spread like a wild fire around the Globe. The GroupClip story was covered in over 15 countries and languages. Our user-base has been steadily growing and to date we have about 10.000 installs, with no euro spent on marketing. Surprisingly we are getting lots of new users from Taiwan, Hong Kong and Korea, not a bad market to be in!! Our goal with the Leapfunder round is to create the Android version launch of the app optimize the user experience and officially launch GroupClip end of this year. Join us! --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------  

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‘the Spotify for magazines’

"We believe relevant content enriches your life, and we are convinced magazine publishers are experts in making relevant curated content. Maggy’s mission is to bring great stories and the best content to any person, anytime, anywhere.”   Product Maggy – ‘the Spotify for magazines’ – offers an all-you-can-read magazine subscription, for only € 5,99 a month, giving you access to the full content of (currently) 33 premium magazines representing a total monthly value of over € 200,-. Maggy is an article-based application, letting go of the traditional pdf-replica magazine, enabling us to provide you the best cross-magazine articles, matching your personal profile. Unlimited access to 33 Premium magazines (many to follow soon!) Unique algorithm for personal article recommendations; Explore, search and save offline Designed for mobile, offering a great user experience; 7-day full access free trial; Paid account: € 5,99 per month for full access; Free account: read up to 5 articles per month.   Releasing Maggy 2.0 in June 2016 Maggy’s launch in January showed us that we have a great product with room for improvement. The release of Maggy 2.0 in early June will focus on user experience and user engagement with the point below as focus. Complete new in-app onboarding with focus on conversion; Improved navigation; Improved algorithm for better article recommendations; New design for article, issue and magazine overview; Updated website to increase app download; New personalized daily newsletter based on “Your Maggy” algorithm.   Business Model Maggy is the first to introduce a profit distribution model in the magazine market, based on time-spent, instead of traditional prices of print magazines. 70/30 split of net revenue between publishers and Maggy; Distribution of publisher split based on time spent; Focus on partners for subscription distribution; Advertising model planned for end 2016.   Maggy Essentials Easy international expansion; Content aggregator for publishers, resulting in key asset for partnerships; Subscription model creates recurring revenue; Publishing and advertising market still a multi billion market.   Feedback “…Looks amazing! Everything worked just fine from the beginning. Yesterday I started reading in bed and kept reading for over an hour! Must have read a dozen of articles already haha …” “…Great option to save article offline for in the plane …” “…Use it quite often in the train or when I am waiting. Excellent …” “…Even though I am part of the older target group, I encouraged my 4 kids to subscribe as well. I will keep promoting Maggy! …”   Maggy is featured in:

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On-demand staffing hospitality

Meet the Uber of hospitality staffing clevergig is a new, transparent and intuitive digital platform that connects the supply of and demand for experienced hospitality staff or one-day gigs. clevergig thus provides an on-demand staffing solution for bars, restaurants and hotels that are in urgent need of temporary staff. We do not aim to fill vacancies. Rather, our focus is to help hospitality firms deal with expected and unexpected peaks in customer demand. On the supply side, we offer a compelling proposition aimed at millennials. Freelancers can easily earn extra cash by doing a diverse range of assignments at a variety of hospitality firms. As a worker, you are in control and able to set your own hourly rate, your availability and preferences for types of venues to work at. Everything is arranged via our intuitive app, available for iOS and Android. How it works We are reinventing the traditional process of hiring. Unlike temp agencies, a worker does not apply for a job or gig at clevergig. In stead, workers are directly hired by the client, through a simple three-step process that is characterized by unparalleled transparency and similar to the likes of Airbnb. Hospitality clients provide basic details about the gig, browse through freelancer profiles available for the position, date and time needed and select freelancer that best meets their needs. A gig is finalized by pre- or post-payment via iDeal or AfterPay. Everything is arranged online, making hiring flexible and without commitments or labor contracts. Upon completion of the gig, the worker is reviewed by the client. About the market The hospitality industry is highly unpredictable, with its seasonal nature, high attrition rates and unexpected short-term peaks in demand. Finding and retaining the right staff is a serious problem and firms spend too much time and money on managing staff levels. As a result, they potentially lose business or are not able to offer desired customer service levels. The new labor law Wet Werk en Zekerheid is not helping either, as it now seriously limits the hiring of flexible contracts. Horeca Nederland chairman Toon Naber is livid: "Mainly our industry is characterized by peaks and demands and needs flexible contract. Entrepreneurs are now not able to rehire loyal staff that worker season after season, as they will automatically be bound to permanent contract. That is way too big of an employer risk." Press coverage clevergig lanceert ‘Uber van horeca personeel Nederlandse 'Uber voor horeca-personeel' gelanceerd

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Date17 December 2015

Floating Market B.V.

Date02 April 2016

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Date16 November 2015

NLC Venture Netherlands B.V.

Date01 August 2015

Procwise Exam B.V.

Date02 November 2015

Shopper Concepts B.V

Date02 November 2014

Tabster B.V.

Date12 April 2016

Undagrid B.V.

Date13 June 2014

Favoroute B.V.

Date02 May 2015

People & Food Group B.V.

Date01 June 2016

Bundle B.V.

Date01 January 2015

Giaura B.V.

Date16 April 2015
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