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Leapfunder makes it simple to discover and invest in promising startups online. Just a few years ago startup investing was only for a lucky few, because it was time-consuming to discover startups and the transaction costs were high. We’ve removed these barriers and now angel investing is available to everyone! Below you will easily find interesting startups. Investments can start from as little as € 1000.

If you're new to investing in startups: please read our 7 Tips for First-time Startup Investors.

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Bambi Belt

Improving pre-term baby care

About Bambi-Belt   We stand for making lives of babies happier from day one. Improving the quality of care for prematurely born babies through wireless monitoring of vital signs. With our products, we eliminate their stress and pain and we help to increase bonding between babies and their parents.   The Problem Prematurely born babies are extremely vulnerable and at risk. Every year 4 million prematurely born baby lives depend on constant vital sign monitoring. To this end, premature babies in developed countries are cared for in intensive care units and measurement of vital signs is done with the help of electrodes, which are attached to the baby's skin. This approach poses two great limitations: The skin of the premature babies is so fragile that re-positioning and removing the adhesive electrodes from the baby's chest causes pain and stress. The wires of the current monitoring system prevents the baby from getting sufficient skin-to-skin contact with his mother (Kangaroo Mother Care), which is essential during this critical period.     The Innovation The Bambi-Belt is a skin-friendly wireless vital signs monitoring device for pre-term infants. It effectively measures critical data such as temperature, respiration and cardiac function (ECG), while eliminating the pain caused by the use of electrodes.   As no wires are involved the baby can be more easily handled and cared for. This allows for optimal Kangaroo Mother Care, which has major beneficial effects on both mother and her baby.   The benefits of Kangaroo Mother Care are clinically proven. In particular, brain development is improved which supports the recovery of the baby. As a result the length of stay in the hospital can be reduced. Academic research shows that 4 hours of Kangaroo Mother Care per day on average reduces the length of hospital stay with two days.   Ultimately, the use of the Bambi-Belt can bring down healthcare costs by more than EUR 1 billion per year as a result of shorter hospitalization periods!       Founders and Team The concept of the Bambi-Belt was invented by Sidarto Bambang Oetomo in collaboration with students Industrial Design at the Eindhoven Unitversity of Technology (TU/e). Sidarto is a pediatrician / neonatologist who has more than 30 years of experience treating pre-term infants. Next to that he is a professor Industrial Design at the TU/e.   Sidarto founded the company together with his son Fabio Bambang Oetomo. Fabio has worked for multinational companies for over 13 years in management positions. He quit his job as Supply Finance Manager at Mars to join his father in his vision to improve the life of pre-term babies.   Sidarto and Fabio have attracted a diverse team of highly engaged and talented individuals. Their expertise and experience covers areas from biomedical engineering to journalism and academia to corporates.   Next to the team at Bambi Belt, we are collaborating with two technology partners who have extensive experience in developing and producing medical devices. These partners are DEMCON and Holst Centre.   Customer Traction With the Bambi-Belt prototype we validated the concept. We have already received a lot of interest from Dutch hospitals, who want to start monitoring their pre-trem babies wirelessly with the Bambi-Belt.  With 8 out of 10 Dutch hospitals with Neonatal care units we have signed LOI’s to buy the Bambi-Belt once available for purchase.   Next to that three other European hospitals have indicated that they want to participate in clinical trials. We also received very positive feedback from both parents and nurses on the first prototype.   Timeline and Funding We are currently developing the Bambi-Belt and preparing the first clinical validation. We will be ready with all the clinical studies and the CE-marking in 2018 and will be selling the product from then.   Bambi-Belt is a subsidiary of Bambi Medical and is looking for an initial EUR 0.5 million to fund product development, clinical trials and CE marking.    Join us in making baby lives happier from day one!      

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Smart ultrasound solutions

Rethinking Ultrasound   Usono radically changes the ultrasound market by improving and innovating the way ultrasound is used. Ultrasound is a very well-known image modality within the medical field. In general ultrasound transducers are freely moved during procedures, however other procedures acquire the ultrasound transducer to be fixated. Some examples include long-term measurements and dynamic measurements. Our device fixates an ultrasound transducer to the body, which allows for better stabilization on a specific body part. This allows operators to work in a more hands-free environment.    Improving Hospital environment: Reducing the RSI problem    Repetitive strain injuries (RSI) cost European countries between 0.5% and 1.5% of the GNP1. An ergonomic study was performed into this subject by Workcover Authority NSW and reported a 77.8% of ultrasound operators surveyed suffered from work related musculoskeletal injuries. In a noted study written by Baker et al from 2002 it was established that the total costs in the United States attributed to a musculoskeletal disorder on the shoulder of an ultrasound operator as much as €570,000, counting the worker’s compensation, medical expenses (without surgery), staff replacement cost, revenue loss and recruitment of new sonographer costs.   The ultrasound market   The global ultrasound market is expected to grow with a CAGR of 5.9% from €3.27 B in 2016 to €4.3 B by 20193. Based on market data the served available market (SAM) of ultrasound machines in cardiology is 589.000 in 2021.   Unique value proposition   We offer a simple and easy-to-use product that enables lengthy and dynamic ultrasound measurements. Our product, the ProbeFix, is used to steadily fixate an ultrasound transducer to the human body. Fixating the ultrasound transducer to the body leads to a stabilized ultrasound image, an optimized work flow and better patient comfort resulting in better examination quality and lower costs.   The ProbeFix is versatile in its applications because it is attachable to different body parts. We focus on the cardiology department first because of the immediate added value in reducing repetitive strain injuries. Our product is optimized for this context in a co-creation process together with cardiologists and ultrasound technicians.   Furthermore, ProbeFix can be easily scaled to other departments like Radiology, where it has added value during needle puncture procedure which leads to less re-punctures of the needle, and the Intensive Care department, where it can help during long term monitoring of ow within the heart which allows the doctor to assess the state of the patient over a period of time.   Additionally, we found added value in the sports context. The ProbeFix S helps to create valuable information about the muscle during high intensity sports exercise. Future development of the product will lead to more quantitative information about the muscle state, which allows the coach to decide if a player is t enough for the match day.   In the near future, we plan to develop software to create a total solution with ProbeFix. Together with Eindhoven University of Technology we will develop image analysis software that will lead to extra features that can create more added value for the doctor. Some of this software will include monitoring, right image detection and automatic stabilization correction software.   Customer Traction   We signed strategic collaboration with the following hospitals to further develop and conduct clinical validation of our product: UMC Utrecht  St. Antonius Hospital Catharina Hospital  Maxima Medical Centre Rijnstate Hospital Erasmus Medical Centre We visited 11 hospitals, and we have contact through “Stichting Top Klinische Ziekenhuizen” with 24 hospitals within the Netherlands. In Catharina hospital we will perform a clinical study within the cath lab. All patients and ultrasound operators will fill in a questionnaire to measure the performance of the ProbeFix.   Our Vision   Rethinking ultrasound by creating smart ultrasound solutions.   Our Mission   We innovate the ultrasound market by enhancing the current application and developing new ultrasound applications by using state of art technology in a meaningful product embodiment.   Roadmap, ambition and oppertunity   We plan to finish clinical validation at Q4 2016 of the first product and obtain CE mark by the end of Q2 2017.   We will launch ProbeFix end Q3 2017 in Europe, before selling to the United States. Sales will be fully done by distribution partners to overcome the complicated buy-in structure of the different hospitals. The second version of ProbeFix, a motorized version will be sold in (Q2 2019) which will consist of a system that creates a full hands-free environment where the ultrasound operator does not need to hold the transducer anymore, and the ultimate version (Q1 2022) where we add software with automated scanning, which will make ultrasound widely accessible for untrained medical examiners.   ProbeFix S (sport version) needs to be further validated to create added value for the sports doctor and physiotherapist. A consortium will be established between Eindhoven University of Technology (“TU/e”), local sport institutes and Usono to address this question. ProbeFix S will be launched Q2 2020.   Team   Benjamin Tchang (CEO, Biomedical Engineering)   Benjamin is a leader, decision maker and an innovator. He has led several teams in both the management and sports related fields. Within Usono, he is responsible for strategy and planning. His background in Biomedical Engineering image processing gives him the knowledge about the ultrasound and the medical fields. During his studies at the TU/e, he worked at several departments, including Oncology and Neuroscience, in addition to his work at MUMC+, WKZ and Mount Sinai Hospital in New York. Victor Donker (COO, Industial Design)   Victor is a communicative, creative and critical designer. He was responsible for external relations at several projects (BlueJay, EUBC). His strength lies in connecting to people and maintaining relationships. Within Usono he is responsible for communication with new and existing partners (engineering, patent, CE etc.), branding and marketing. His background in industrial design has been focused on user system interaction, user-centered design and usability of the products. He worked on different projects in healthcare, including creating modular designs for stroke patients in Sydney.  Most recently, he also worked at Philips Design and Atrium Hospital in Heerlen on a project on information exchange for women with breast cancer.   Jori Verbeek (CTO, Industial Design)   Jori has experience in product development, usability and testing. He designs products and interaction with a human-centered approach. He has a hands-on mentality which drives the iterative process. During his studies at the TU/e, he focused on contextual research, technical design and rapid prototyping. He followed a one semester Industrial Design exchange program in Sydney. He finished his Master’s degree, while working at Philips Design working on the improvement of a service and information system with tangible tools to support communication between patients and caregivers. Besides Usono, Jori is working as UX consultant at Philips Design.   Why invest now?   Usono is a start-up company rethinking ultrasound. ProbeFix is tested at 10 hospitals and we signed strategic collaboration with 2 hospitals. Multiple medical companies (Philips, GE, Siemens, Medtronic, Medica Europe) follow us with high interest. ProbeFix will be launched at Q3 2017. Investment is needed to refine the product, conduct clinical trials and get CE marking for the product. With the help of you we want to initialize this investment and really start getting the product to the market!

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Civic tech for smart communities

  Civocracy is a civic tech startup connecting societal stakeholders - citizens, local governments, businesses and organizations - and bridging the gap between them to collaboratively problem solve. In just one year after its founding in 2015 Civocracy has built a strong team of 9 FTE, released & commercialized two versions of its web platform, acquired 7 paying customers across 3 European markets (NL, DE & FR) and secured initial investments totaling €365K.    The Problem Tech is under-leveraged for collaboration and decision-making. Citizens are apathetic, distrustful, and confrontational Our Solution Civocracy's web platform enables meaningful interaction between stakeholders through unique functionality that encourages positive discussion, enhaces transparency, and promotes actionanble outcomes. Using Civocracy, societal actors collaboratively shape public service outcomes: following a pilot project with the Province of North Holland, 10 citizen ideas collected through the platform were integrated into the province's policy draft.    Civocracy earns revenue through a B2B software-as-a-service model and has received a Seal of Excellence from the European Commission.  For local governments Civocracy raises awareness, informs, and enables collaborative decision-making with stakeholders.  For citizens Civocracy enables input, learning, involvement and empowerment in the policies of their societies.  

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E-Commerce 2016

Horizontal accelerator investment

We have invested in 360 startups over the past 6 years and that makes us the most active seed-stage investor in Europe. One thing we have learned from that is;  The more we learn, the more we realize how much we don't know. We saw fantastic ideas failing because of a poor execution; we saw teams fall apart ... and then being rebuilt and turned into a profitable company; we saw fantastic teams & ideas failing because of lack of speed in the execution and surpassed by their competitors. Therefore we always advise to all seed stage investors: Diversify! The best way of making a return of investment on startups is to build a portfolio of companies of more than 15 companies. This is the main reason why we started this unique fund that enables seed investors to invest in a whole batch of startups from a specific industry. This time we introduce the 2nd E-Commerce Convertible Note. Invest immediately in a spread of 8 startups entering our accelerator program. We would like to offer each individual startups at least E1000 per investor. For that reason the minimum investment is E8k. This will be split amongst the 8 startups equally. You will become a direct Leapfunder investor in each start-up. After closing the transaction SBC will have no remaining direct role. You will be representing your interests towards the startup, together with the other Leapfunder investors: it is like regular Angel investing, and that's how it should be. The Startupbootcamp team has a clear interest in the success of the startups as well so they will do their utmost best in helping all startups during and especially after the program. If you have any further inquiries, please mail to   Participating start-up are:     Clevergig is a digital platform which solves Under- or overstaffing due to the unpredictability of the hospitality industry with its seasonal nature, high attrition rates and unexpected short-term peaks in demand.   Cymbra build an in-house messaging system, called SupervizR, which can notify employees on various events and distribute tasks to allocated people and solves the problem of highly ineffective store management   IMMIDI is a digital trade marketing platform for FMCG brands and solves the communication problems between brands and their retailers that expect the brand to be available to them whenever and wherever their need arise.   MrPasta is a A user-friendly platform for selling and buying ordinary (secondhand) products and delivers a far better experience than any other platform and includes all kinds of fulfillment services   PickThisUp connects drivers who have an empty car trunk with people who need to send items and solves the problem of high delivery costs   SaleStack provides a solution to easily select your ideal prospect data and make a very effective introduction to these records to optimise and scale your personal and company sales funnel and solves the problem of finding your ideal prospects and the difficulties associated with outbound sales.   SchedJoules  delivers an Actionable API to all existing calendar apps and  combines global and local event sources and solves the problem of event discovery by consumers.   OnTrack provides managers a continuous, data driven and scientifically validated tool to track their team’s dynamics and solves the problem for organisations that wants to have realtime insight into their teams    

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