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Leapfunder makes it simple to discover and invest in promising startups online. Just a few years ago startup investing was only for a lucky few, because it was time-consuming to discover startups and the transaction costs were high. We’ve removed these barriers and now angel investing is available to everyone! Below you will easily find interesting startups. Investments can start from as little as € 1000.

If you're new to investing in startups: please read our 7 Tips for First-time Startup Investors.

Investment Opportunities

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Amber Mobility

Mobility services for companies.

Amber Mobility has the ambition to change the way we move about. We start with changing the way companies offer mobility to their employees. Amber Mobility will station a number of electric cars on the client’s site. Participating employees will get an app. With this app they can reserve, open and start a car. Whenever they need a car, they will check in through the app. When there are multiple clients located close to each other they can use the same pool of cars. ABN AMRO will be the launch client for corporate mobility. Athlon a key partner.  

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1st Production Line

Aka. 'The Dutch Tesla on 2 wheels'

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When innovation needs a match

HollandIP offers Dutch innovators smart-technology driven services to innovate better and faster by matching their needs and wants with the best solutions available on a global scale 24/7.     Who are we? Holland Innovation Platform or HollandIP builds B2B-services for the innovation industry based on smart and advanced technologies such as Artificial Intelligence and Robotic Process Automation. We believe modern technology has now reached the point where it can outperform certain business processes executed by humans. Our services perform night and day, around the world, across all sectors or systems. It can obtain more knowledge and experience than any human-based organisation or network as it learns faster and more consistently.   What are the problems? Innovators have a hard time finding the right parties to complement their knowledge and skills or get the necessary help to complete their innovation projects. It is problematic to easily obtain and share knowledge or ask for assistance. Identifying and applying for government and EU incentive programs, subsidies and financing is complicated, time-consuming and costly.   What are our solutions? A single platform offering easy to use smart technologies to match those needs with the best solutions worldwide. This accelerates innovation projects, but also revives unfinished or forgotten ones. Our SmartToolBox facilitates smart matching between an innovation project and available public or private funding programs. It also automates the application process.       How are we different? We eliminate a major bottleneck in the current process by using smart technologies: the actual matching of the needs and wants of innovators by human-driven networks. Our system determines 24/7 anywhere in the world what the best answers are to the innovator's needs and based on the latest available information. We believe we can, in time, always offer the best matches to address those needs.   Why are we doing this? Success in innovation strengthens the economy, creates jobs and advances a country's reputation. It also means sustenance, growth and profitability for both universities and businesses. And it is good business.   Our team and why us? We have a long-time experience in software development, digital platforms, entrepreneurship and building companies. Our accomplished board of advisors has a history and competence in innovation.  We understand the market, also based on three years of research, and have the clear vision, knowledge and experience how to build the technology to offer the proposed solution.    What we offer HollandIP is raising €400.000 in convertible notes, carrying 7% annual interest, with 25% discount (30% for Early Birds) at conversion.    Why invest?  We foresee to become a highly profitable HiTech enterprise by providing a state-of-the-art platform using the latest technologies, such as artificial intelligence (IA) and robotic process automation (RPA). We launch in the Netherlands and scale up globally. You can make a substantial bigger return on your investment in HollandIP than depositing your money in a savings account. Let your money work for you with us.   Click here to see how convertible notes work and what the return on your investment could be. This information is also available in Dutch.   This is what the Dutch government has to say about HollandIP:

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Cloud software for fitness & health

Fitmanager provides an innovative, online software platform for small clubs and personal trainers in the fast growing fitness & health industry   Health & fitness has become an integrated part in people’s lifestyle and identity, and fitness participation keeps increasing considerably. There is a strong growth in personal training, small group training, box- and 'boutique' gyms, and outdoor trainings keep rising in popularity.   In this new market, especially independent business owners and small companies need help with organizing and controlling their business and financials. For many of them (75% of the total market) administration and marketing is a time-consuming and complex process. Their customers also expect online tools and apps to easily find, book, pay and manage their registrations. Because of the lack or resources and knowledge to provide this, these small companies lose income and clients.   A complete set of online tools and apps for managing your fitness & health business, and communicate with new and existing clients Fitmanager solves this problem for personal trainers and small/medium-sized clubs. We offer an easy accessible, online solution (online access & smartphone app) for membership administration, planning, reservations, payments and communication. Our solution automates all crucial processes and communication so these busy business owners can focus on training and serving their customers.     Besides these tools, we also built an integrated marketplace for consumers to find, book, manage and pay their activities without any form of subscription or club membership. This platform is already in place and with several tests in 2015 and 2016 it is ready to grow further in the coming year.   Small dedicated team Fitmanager is built by a small experienced team, with a perfect understanding of the fitness & health market and technology. Despite we have a small team, we managed to set up a very complete service in a short time, generating revenues since launch, along with a well-received brand and transparent pricing.   Fast growing revenues, used by thousands of people We are past the development phase and actively in business with a good product-market fit. We have happy clients who recommend our product and we are making revenues. After our formal launch in October 2016 we saw a strong growth in clients and revenue. Our software and app is already used by almost 10.000 people all over The Netherlands. At this point and we expect to grow fast and expand our business to other countries within the next year.

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Successfully Funded

Check out the closed investment rounds below

Bolt Mobility B.V.

Date17 December 2015

Hinksprong B.V.

Date01 September 2016

Floating Market B.V.

Date02 April 2016

Bambi Belt B.V.

Date02 January 2017

NLC Venture Netherlands B.V.

Date01 August 2015

Favoroute B.V.

Date01 July 2016

Procwise Exam B.V.

Date02 November 2015

People & Food Group B.V.

Date31 January 2017

Shopper Concepts B.V

Date02 November 2014

Tabster B.V.

Date12 April 2016

Civocracy B.V.

Date29 November 2016

Succint B.V.

Date02 August 2016
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The Leapfunder Note is a sensible and attractive way to place capital in start-ups in the Netherlands

Diversification is important in angel investing. Leapfunder is a platform that allows angels to spread their investments.

Leapfunder investing allows you to become actively involved in a start-up, just as in classical angel investing, while taking all the hassle out of transaction execution

Leapfunder is ideal for investing smaller amounts in a start-up in the very early stages. Such investments can be a powerful addition to a portfolio

With Leapfunder you get a great opportunity to build up a diversified portfolio of start-up investments, often investors can play an active role in developing the company

When I saw the Leapfunder proposition I thought straight-away: this is what start-ups need. I am an entrepreneur and wish this system had been available when I started my company.

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