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Soulskill B.V.

Traditional means of employment are going through dramatic change with the millennial workforce joining in, and these combined with related technological and cultural shifts are driving a growth in freelancing globally. In younger demographics, and especially in the creative space, >50% of all roles are performed by freelancers - a trend we expect will continue and spread to other sectors.We are therefore building soulskill.com - a talent relationship manager for small and mid-sized team to maintain and grow their freelance workforce. 6 member core team, all full time. Technology developed in house and founders have previously built and exited technology companies Received ~EUR 85K technical grant from the Dutch Good Growth Fund (under the RVO) in July 2018 3+ active pilots in India, currently in the process of formalising the commercial contracts. Strong pipeline of marquee clients Our MVP is live and is currently focused on solving the Freelancer Staffing problem for our clients. Over time we intend to extend our solution and / or integrate it with existing products around Project tracking and management, Freelancer sourcing, Client relationship management, Invoicing and potentially Payrolling as well - which should allow us to provide a full-suite cloud ERP to service businesses of the future.   The initial version of our product was built by our subsidiary in India, and the IP ownership has been completely transferred to our Dutch B.V. since 01-10-2018. Future financing and revenue collection will also all take place via our Dutch B.V.
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Hub 560 336 leapfunder round image

Leapfunder Growth

Hinksprong B.V.

  Welcome to the Founders Club!   Leapfunder was co-founded by >70 active Angel investors. They are called the Founders Club. They shape Leapfunder strategy. This offer of investment is for the current Founders Club, as well as for potential new members.   (If you are a member of the Founders Club: some of this you know already.)   The Founders Club are investors who have invested in us, and use us to build their portfolio. This offer of investment is an invitation to join that Founders Club. You will have the opportunity to contribute your ideas so we can enhance our product.   Leapfunder aims to enable early stage high-potential companies to raise equity online from a pool of informal investors. For this Leapfunder has developed online investment tools that are designed for the combined needs of the companies and the investors.   Since the launch in July 2014 Leapfunder has passed € 13 Mln raised in > 70 companies with ca. 70% successfully funded.   Over 2017 Leapfunder covered 68% of its operating expenses from cash revenue. It would have been possible to run cash neutral, if it weren’t for the international expansion plans.   During 2017 Leapfunder obtained regulatory clearance to operate in Germany. Leapfunder plans to expand beyond Germany to all Northern Europe, possibly followed by France.   Leapfunder handles account management, business development and compliance from Amsterdam and Berlin. All software development has been outsourced to India. All social media is run from Barcelona.   The Leapfunder products has two parts: i) the Leapfunder Note is a robust financial security that makes it easy to bring together larger numbers of equity investors. It can be used by all relevant legal entities in Germany and the Netherlands. Also Leapfunder has developed ii) the Leapfunder Hub, an online social network for investors, to facilitate building syndicates and deal discovery. The IT architecture of this online social network allows its use in almost any EU jurisdiction.   Leapfunder facilitates investment by: Providing a social networking community on leapfunder.com Providing software that allows the start-up to execute the investments online A standardized legal structure, which small investors can rely on   Leapfunder aims to benefit from an investment transaction only if the start-up is successful. The fee for Leapfunder therefore has two parts: a % cash commission on each successful transaction a % of share options in each startup that uses Leapfunder Leapfunder can exercise its share options at any time   The cash commission is intended only to cover costs, whereas the options aim to lift Leapfunder into profitability.   Leapfunder is not a crowdfunding website. Its start-ups typically aim to work with 10-20 informal investors, who are investing between E5-50k each. Investors can look at the full information on each deal by invitation only. We emphasize in all our communications that Leapfunder offers an online form of classical Angel Funding.   In order to accelerate the expansion into the German market Leapfunder is aiming to raise approximately EUR 200,000 with this round. This should give a runway of approximately one year.  
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Hub 560 336 roundpage 560 336


Stampwallet B.V.

We are Stampwallet, a Startupbootcamp Alumni, the technical front-runner in the loyalty landscape through offering a loyalty app as well as developing innovative tailored loyalty solutions. This way, we not only offer loyalty solutions to companies but also offer solutions to loyalty companies. We make your loyals feel like royals.     Introduction Loyalty programs. They have existed since the late 18th century in the form of copper tokens, later evolved in paper stamps, and now has the form of all kinds of currencies. They have become commonplace in today’s society. Traditional brick and mortar stores are using them to keep pace with the evolving e-commerce world, and e-commerce sites are using them to boost retention and drive down acquisition costs. While loyalty programs seem to be inseparable, there still isn’t a ‘golden’ solution that fits all. Often they are too expensive to implement, to hard to understand, too difficult to use, or simply generate too much friction with the consumer. Now that’s where Stampwallet does it differently. We offer ‘seamless’ loyalty solutions through our innovative hardware and software.   Our story Starbucks being your first customer that’s a dream for a lot of companies. But for Stampwallet this is a reality. The story of Stampwallet all started 2 years ago with Stampwallet’s CEO, Wouter, his previous media company, Media599, stationed in sunny Curacao. Every morning, before going to the office, he would drive up to Starbucks at the Mambo Beach Boulevard and get his regular coffee. To be honest, quite some money was spent there to get his early ‘wake up’ drink, but never was he rewarded for his undefined loyalty.   One day the manager sat down next to him. She was worried about her customers while Starbucks in Curacao was not able to use their famous corporate loyalty program. More and more customers would try out other coffee places. Knowing that Wouter had his media company, she asked him to come up with something that she could use to engage with her customers. And as Wouter accepted the challenge, in no time, Media599 had released an app that enables Starbucks Curacao to offer their customers a ‘digital stamp card’ to save for discounts and prizes and in return, the customer would register under their name and email address. Data started flowing in and the customers returned to purchasing coffees from Starbucks. After 3 months almost 10.000 customers already used the app and after sending a personalized message to them, they noticed an increase of 21% in retention rate.   Learn how the Stampwallet app works:     Word spreads fast among the islands of the Caribbean and before Wouter knew it, more and more companies started asking for the same type of program. They all wanted an easy way to reward their customers and to gather data, and thus, Stampwallet B.V. was born and founded. At first, only a platform on which merchants could easily create their own loyalty program in the form of a stamp card, low costs, customizable, and the insights in customer data.   Pretty soon, Wouter needed an additional pair of hands. Lauren, a hospitality management Bachelor with ample experience in the hospitality and service industry found his way in due to his passion for loyalty. “Hospitality is the foundation of loyalty. When someone goes beyond what you expect, that’s where you become loyal. It’s all about going that extra mile.”   Together Wouter and Lauren started building the business. Innovation is key to the loyalty industry business while competition is fierce. Therefore, the focus was mainly on growing the company and developing new methods to exchange loyalty currencies. QR codes and battery-driven beacons were the first solutions to be offered. However, the beacons had many flaws that hurt the business.   After looking for new ways to replace the beacon, a new strategic partner arose from Canada with an expertise in motherboards. Through this cooperation, a new in-house developed beacon was placed on the market called ‘the super-beacon’. A device that can be connected with printers and unmanned machines, such as parking, vending, and carwash machines, to generate loyalty transactions. With these endless possibilities, the development dams broke for Stampwallet. New solutions kept on being created and more and more hardware and software were developed after which the target market got bigger and bigger. The possibilities now had an implication on every type of industry in the world. In other words, a ton of tech to do amazing things with, but not a clear view of what the market exactly needs. Therefore, to bring back focus, the company moved to the Netherlands in February this year and joined the accelerator program Fintech & Cybersecurity Startup Bootcamp in Amsterdam. Now the company has turned itself into the tech frontrunner of the loyalty landscape.   Apart from the loyalty app proposition, development and sales have shifted towards 'tailor-made loyalty solutions' and 'products'. These products are a result of the tailored solutions with set APIs and pre-developed code. In such, they can be sold and implemented with just minor changes.    Their expertise in data, loyalty, digital customers, flexibility and speed of developing loyalty solutions is what makes them unique. Their strategy is to push their loyalty apps throughout their infrastructure of 6 agents, stationed all over the world, and focus on customized solutions in The Netherlands and the Caribbean. With this model, their flexibility and speed for innovation stay on a high level, while still having the ability to scale fast.   Our solutions Stampwallet loyalty app Branded apps (your own promotion in a company branded app) White labels (sell your own 'stampwallet') API integration in webshops, accounting software, and existing loyalty platforms Super Beacon to connect to every POS on the market POS integrations Receipt alterations (print loyalty rewards on receipts) Scanner app to quickly reward customers Receipt capturing Raffle tool Customized solutions Their latest solutions and innovations are the 'Stampwallet Loyalty Chatbot' for Facebook Messenger and WeChat (that together have 2.2B users) and the 'Personal Characteristic Recognition solution'. With the Loyalty Chatbot innovation, they can onboard users into your loyalty platform within 30 seconds. Without having to register or downloading an app! Unique in the world! Our 'Personal Characteristic Recognition' solution is an implementation of loyalty in which visually identifiable characteristics, such as facial elements and license plates, are used to create user accounts and to save automatically. This also led us to 'reverse loyalty'; a first-time reach-out to the consumer 'after' they have received enough points to be redeemed for incentives.      Traction Stampwallet has over 800 merchants listed in 6 different countries. They created a powerful distribution network of resellers in 6 countries that are reselling our app to their clients. This fits their mission perfectly: Think global but act local. The focus is on The Netherlands and the Caribbean, while their network of agents focuses on its own territories. Selling agents are now active in Sweden, Cambodia, Vietnam, South Africa, Brasil, and Panama. Additionally, they work directly with great companies like:     Revenue In 2017, Stampwallet managed to show a 100% increase in revenue for each quarter. All revenues come from the sales and development of white labels, subscriptions, licenses, and API integrations. Due to the auto-renewal subscriptions model for the Stampwallet app and their continuation on the contracts of white labels and licenses, most revenue is recurring with a churn rate of 1.24%. As the sales focus shifted towards 'tailor-made' loyalty solutions at the start of this year, so did the growth in revenue for this stream. All targets (as stated in the financial sheets) have been successfully reached.      The forecasted revenue for 2018 is based out of the contracts that 'already' have been signed, POCs that have been initiated, and leads that are in the pipeline. Therefore it is important to mention that the bar chart below illustrates the future of Stampwallet with the 'current' resources. in QR it is planned to hire a sales team and account manager.      Funding round Now is the time for Stampwallet to catapult their products and services into bigger markets. For his, the first step has been taken to move to The Netherlands. Since foot was set on Dutch soil, Stampwallet has already gained much business. New agents have been acquired, new products have been developed, new partners have been connected, and new contracts have been signed.   However, Stampwallet needs resources to meet their demands while demand is thriving. These clients need to be followed up to create revenue. The future of Stampwallet will move towards cooperation with bigger corporates, developing new innovative products to enhance loyalty experiences, and connecting a license based revenue model to it. With this strategy, the value will keep on growing with each new client.   Our funding will be used as followed:
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Civocracy B.V.

Homepage startupbootcamp voetjes
Civocracy B.V. is Europe’s leading civic tech platform. Signed customers include: S. Holland, Nice, Sicoval and Monheim Am Rhein. Update: In the last several weeks 1) DITP tender with Capgemini Last month we were informed we won a national tender related to the modernization of the public sector in France. We, as part of a consortium with Mazars and Capgemini, won lots 2 and 3 (of 3), which were the most relevant to Civocracy. It is a 4-year tender.  2) Debating Security Plus: a success We successfully hosted Friend’s of Europe’s annual Debating Security Plus event, which has provided the company with our largest revenue to date (€96,000 deal in 2017, €87,250 deal in 2018). The two-day, online security conference took place 19 and 20 June. In both years we’ve seen over 1,500 people - including national ministers, military generals, international policy makers, and other experts - debating high-level security issues on the Civocracy platform, and developing future-proof policy recommendations. We are now in the process of securing a long-term contract to host online events with Friends of Europe.     3) New customers In June, we re-signed several of our customers: Ville de Lyon, Métropole Nice Côte d’Azur, and Sicoval. We also signed new contracts with La Rochelle (both the agglomeration and town), Beaupréau-en-Mauges, and the region of Provence-Côte-d’Azur. We are really excited for the new clients, new success cases, and new revenue. 4) Next steps With the success of the new signings, the national-level tender, and other long-term contracts, we are now well on the road to our Series A, something we have been preparing for for the last couple of months. Our research has shown that there are many more relevant Series A investors, particularly within the CivicTech space, in the US than in Europe, so with this in mind, Nicolas and I are spending the next several weeks in Silicon Valley. We currently have set meetings with Lightspeed Ventures and Wildcat Ventures, among others.   About Civocracy: We empower local governments to connect with their citizens, by assisting municipalties, cities and territories to make decisions in a more transparent way. The platform allows them to harness the knowledge of their citizens, ultimately better shaping communities through improved city consultations.   We have proven success with our 15 paying clients from four different countries. In 2017, we signed €262,450 in revenue. We use machine learning and big data to provide actionable insights and analytics on participation. Government are able to ask for feedback on key issues, gather ideas, and gain public perception on policy. Citizens can offer their opinion and propose projects, stay informed, and can see when their input has been read. We’ve empowered our clients to increase their reach, participation levels, and efficiency.   We are raising a bridge round of €165,000, prior to opening our Series A growth round later this year. We’ll use the bridge funding to continue developing our platform’s features, and continue growing our client base.   PROBLEM   71% of people are mad at their government, and apathy is at an all time high. In the 95 elections held across Europe since 2014, on average only 56% of people voted, where as 30 years ago (1983-7), the average turnout was at 77%. The ways people have been able to express themselves - social media, town hall meetings, protests etc. - are insufficient. This has led to widespread disengagement.     SOLUTION   The Civocracy.org platform allows for focused discussion around specific topics. For instance, the city of Lyon has consulted citizens on education reform, and Losser on biodiversity regulation. All comments are analysed by our machine learning algorithm, from which we can create detailed reports with constructive and applicable outcomes that can form policy and local projects. Citizens are also able to create discussions around subjects they wish to see improved in their communities.     Key platform features: SUCCESSES      “The Civocracy platform is innovative, interesting and brings serious added value to offline citizen consultation. This is the future, I am convinced of it.” Biel Raphael, Deputy Cabinet (Participatory Democracy), Ville de Lyon   SALES APPROACH In 2017, we launched our multi-city participation strategy programme, Territoires Fédérateurs, which teaches and empowers governments to more effectively connect with their citizens, learning collaboratively from one another, and through expert trainings. The first cohort features Strasbourg, Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes, Guyane, Sicoval. This year, we will expand the programme to the Netherlands, Belgium and Switzerland.   MAJOR CLIENTS We additionally hosted the inaugural Debating Security+, an online debate run by Friends of Europe. During the 48-hour conference, we held 77 discussions and received 1750 comments. A number of high-level security officials were in attendance and hosted discussions, including Amina Mohamed, Kenyan Minister of Foreign Affairs, Gilles De Kerchove, Council of the European Union, Bert Koenders, Dutch Minister of Foreign Affairs, and Denis Mercier, Supreme Allied Commander at NATO. Many of the ideas have been included in a report that was passed to organisations such as NATO, the European Commission and the EU. They have already resigned for 2018.     *compared to traditional methods such as town hall meetings and written correspondence. Data from a consultation with Ville de Lyon in 2016.   ACHIEVEMENTS   Graduated Startup Bootcamp Amsterdam Smart City, 2015 Signed Strategic Investment with Centric B.V., 2016 Successfully raised strategic and angel funding  Launched First Optimized Version of Civocracy, July 2016 Debating Security+ conference for global security VIPs, September 2017 Designed and Launched Territoires Fédérateurs Programme, 2017 Numerous awards, including:  EU Seal of Excellence, European Institute of Innovation and Technology Digital Challenge winner 2016, Le Monde Smart City Innovation Prize 2017, 50 Companies to Invest Challenges.fr, Ashoka Social Entrepreneur to Watch   TESTIMONIALS  (from Paying 2017 Customers)    “Administrations can’t govern like they used to; there’s incredible strength to be gained by associating citizens in the process. Your tool is perfectly adapted to accompany this: it is based on modern, user-friendly practices with ergonomics, and an environment capable of stimulating quality debates. Thank you for making us progress in digital participatory democracy!” Nathalie Bonfanti, Innovation-Digital Department, Métropole Nice Côte d'Azur   “In the new digital society, we find have to provide citizens with ways to contribute through new methods. In Civocracy, we recognized their added value: the platform is a welcome addition to our existing methods."Marcel Wildschut, Alderman, Municipality of Losser   “We are confronted with a difficulty that traditional tools do not allow us to resolve: limited participation, particularly amongst young people. Civocracy allows us to address this major problem. Easy to take in hand, easy to access, it allows young people who are used to digital technology to participate, and enables us to re-engage the city more generally.” David Kimelfeld, Mayor of the 4th Arrondissement, Lyon   “Civocracy has enabled us to meet our needs, and to communicate and participate actively on social networks.”Rieneke Kanne, Councilor for Tourism, Culture and Economy of the Province, North Holland
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