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Leapfunder makes it simple to discover and invest in promising startups online. Just a few years ago startup investing was only for a lucky few, because it was time-consuming to discover startups and the transaction costs were high. We’ve removed these barriers and now angel investing is available to everyone! Below you will easily find interesting startups. Investments can start from as little as € 1000.

If you're new to investing in startups: please read our 7 Tips for First-time Startup Investors.

Investment Opportunities

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Amber Mobility

Mobility services for companies.

Amber Mobility has the ambition to change the way we move about. We start with changing the way companies offer mobility to their employees. Amber Mobility will station a number of electric cars on the client’s site. Participating employees will get an app. With this app they can reserve, open and start a car. Whenever they need a car, they will check in through the app. When there are multiple clients located close to each other they can use the same pool of cars. ABN AMRO will be the launch client for corporate mobility. Athlon a key partner.  

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1st Production Line

Aka. 'The Dutch Tesla on 2 wheels'

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Sales accelerationSalestack helps you accelerate your Sales. Not only by supplying theright leads to our customers, but also help to warming them up. We do this through automated, yet personalised, outreaches and scheduled reminders. This way, you won’t have to start cold calling, ever again. And by doing so, we’ve already saved our customer thousands of hours on prospecting and cold calling. How we make outbound sales feel inboundAfter we’ve served you with the best possible leads, our journey with you doesn’t end there. We also supply with a stack of state of the art engagement tools, like our own and Sendbloom™ to help you warm up those news leads. Then, you’re all set to jump in on the fun part of sales!Salestack supplies you with the best possible leadsIt all comes down to one simple question: What is your ideal client? With a mix of both machine learning and human intelligence we’ll find them for you and you can cherry pick the ones you want. It’s just that simple. Coming soon and contact usDuring the next days this page will change from coming soon page to a full detailed page. Please click on contact startup to get in touch with us to be one of the first to be contacted by us when more information is accessible. 

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ZTalks media

Let's Meet. Let's Talk

Concept The times are changing. If the current trend continues, research institutes predict that as early as 2020 there’ll be more than 2 million self-employed professionals on the Dutch market.   For those who choose to be an independent professional we offer an opportunity to become a member of our exclusive community. More and more self-employees are doing well and proud to be called self-employed professional. They can find their own work, do the administration, taxes, and They want to feel free and make their own choices, but sometimes…….   Sometimes they miss Colleagues, inspiration, information, meetings about their expertise, a peer group or they want to learn something completely new. And what about the Friday afternoon drinks! Networking with interesting people other than just sharing a drink with the neighbours….   Our challenge soon became clear. How can we help them to get into contact with others, learn from the best, activate and inspire them to grow?   For them, ZTalks offers new possibilities by providing twenty-four seven access to a new community.   The channels we already merged; ZTalks Community ZTalks Events ZTalks Magazine ZTalks Media   With these channels we form a cross-media concept and a new experience. Tailor made for these unique people who join the community, and the business interests they share. We just started, but we can reach more than 120,000 self-employees at this time. By constantly evolving our members as ambassadors and participators we further develop and construct the community platform as build by the crowd. ZTalks can’t upgrade the brand without including everyone in our community. This ambition is enormous and is anchored in our entire being. ZTalks will become the largest community platform for self-employees in the Netherlands.   But there is more to accomplish, and there is more gold that glitters. With a huge database and experience in engaging our community, ZTalks will become an important strategic media partner with strong expertise in content marketing and e-commerce for those who wanted to reach the self-employed professionals.   For the investor With an investment of 200.000 euros we can go for exponential growth! The commitment we impose on ourselves and to our investors is to focus on 'That one metric that matters'. In other words, a massive growth of our community with yearly renewable memberships. This will be our scalable success.   With 3,800 members, we expect in Q2 2018 to have reached a 1.5% market share and to break-even.   After three years, we have a strong concept with nationwide authority and 8% market share. After 5 years we expect to have 40,000 members, and to be an authority in the Netherlands concerning the self-employed. ZTalks media group wants to achieve an exit where we can have a high return for our investors by selling ZTalks. Potential buyers can be, De Persgroep, Sanoma, BDU media, banks and new competitors to the market.  

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More opportunities

Successfully Funded

Check out the closed investment rounds below

Bolt Mobility B.V.

Date17 December 2015

Hinksprong B.V.

Date01 September 2016

Floating Market B.V.

Date02 April 2016

Bambi Belt B.V.

Date02 January 2017

NLC Venture Netherlands B.V.

Date01 August 2015

Favoroute B.V.

Date01 July 2016

Procwise Exam B.V.

Date02 November 2015

People & Food Group B.V.

Date31 January 2017

Shopper Concepts B.V

Date02 November 2014

Tabster B.V.

Date12 April 2016

Succint B.V.

Date02 August 2016

Undagrid B.V.

Date13 June 2014
More successful rounds


What investors have to say about investing in startups via Leapfunder

The Leapfunder Note is a sensible and attractive way to place capital in start-ups in the Netherlands

Diversification is important in angel investing. Leapfunder is a platform that allows angels to spread their investments.

Leapfunder investing allows you to become actively involved in a start-up, just as in classical angel investing, while taking all the hassle out of transaction execution

Leapfunder is ideal for investing smaller amounts in a start-up in the very early stages. Such investments can be a powerful addition to a portfolio

With Leapfunder you get a great opportunity to build up a diversified portfolio of start-up investments, often investors can play an active role in developing the company

When I saw the Leapfunder proposition I thought straight-away: this is what start-ups need. I am an entrepreneur and wish this system had been available when I started my company.

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