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Be part of the community

by joining our Round Tables

The Investor Round Table Events are a regular opportunity
for investors and startups to meet informally.

Why should I join?

The Round Table Sessions are about connecting the right investors to the right startups and building great partnerships. Startup founders can ask investors anything they need guidance with and investors can find promising new startups, meet each other and learn about upcoming technologies. Giving back some of the knowledge you have is a gratifying experience, while being part of a group of young entrepreneurs is exciting and educational.

What is the agenda?

In the beginning, everyone briefly introduces themselves to the whole group. When the sessions start there are several rooms with 3 - 4 investors present. Every 20 - 30 minutes a new session starts where 1 startup goes to 1 room. The startups rotate when the time expires. This way investors get to see 4 - 5 startups up close and personal. We have some drinks afterwards, which is a great opportunity for people to connect.
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