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Leapfunder Academy

Reading lists

Basic Financial Instruments: Shares/Loans/Convertibles
Learn about the basic financial instruments, th...
Best Practices for Pitching to Investors
Delivering a proper pitch is not as easy as it ...
Fundraising in Six Steps
In this blog series, we lead you in six steps t...
Startup Ecosystems & Accelerators
Learn about different startup ecosystems as wel...
How Not to Fail as a Startup
We look at the most common reasons why startups...
How to Complete Your Due Diligence
In this two-part blog series, we provide some t...
What Should be in a Shareholders’ Agreement
The shareholders’ agreement is a contract betwe...
Interviews With Startups who Raised Funding on Leapfunder
Startups share their experience raising funding...
Tips for First Time Investors
If you’ve considered angel investing but don’t ...
Guide to Investing
In our 'Guide to Investing' blog series, we're ...
Tips From Experienced Angel Investors
Investing in startups is exciting. You get to b...
Where to Find Investors/Startups
Leapfunder’s Round Table Sessions are an opport...
How to Maintain a Healthy Startup-Investor Relationship
The relationship between entrepreneurs and thei...
Opinions From Startup Changemakers
Experts share their views on different startup ...
All About Leapfunder
Learn more about our network of startups and in...
User Manuals for Leapfunder Startups
Find answers to all your questions here.
User Manuals for Leapfunder Investors
Find answers to all your questions here.

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