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Our company

  • 2014

    Year started

  • 121

    Rounds funded

  • 12

    Average investors

  • €94.9 K

    Average investment

Leapfunder aims to introduce startups to an extensive European Angel list and help find financing. We offer support and financial tools. Leapfunder financial products aim to enhance a direct relationship between the startup and the investor.

Leapfunder believes there is enough capital out there for every good idea. By offering an Angel network and a standardized investment structure small investments become possible. There is power in numbers and many smaller investors can still bring together a very significant starting capital.

Leapfunder has quickly become the largest network of Angel investors in Europe. An investment can start from as little as €1000 per investor. Portfolio management can be handled online.

Meet our team

  •  Tienko Rasker

    Tienko Rasker


  •  Dennis Huizing

    Dennis Huizing

    Country Manager Netherlands

  •  Danny Kleine

    Danny Kleine

    Analytics expert

  •  Nika Bogdanic

    Nika Bogdanic

    Marketing Manager & Writer

  •  Sat Chandi Rai

    Sat Chandi Rai

    Full-Stack Developer

  •  Prakhar Sharma

    Prakhar Sharma

    Full-Stack Developer

  •  Christiaan Huynen

    Christiaan Huynen

    UX Designer

  •  Livian Enachescu

    Livian Enachescu

    Community Builder

Our Advisers

  •  Pieter ter Kuile

    ter Kuile

  •  Michiel van Eersel

    van Eersel

  • Breanndán Ó Nualláin

    \Ó Nualláin

  •  Matthias Havenaar


  •  Eric van der Maten

    van der Maten

  •  Patrick van Aalst

    van Aalst

  •  Daniel Gilgenmann


  •  Ingo Schneider


  •  Rutger Kemper


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