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  • Discover start-ups

    Find start-ups that are looking for raising funding, review their summary info and get an introduction.

  • Meet other investors

    Meet other investors online by working on a deal together, or meet other investors offline by signing up for one of our events.

  • Make a difference

    Build a relationship with your start-ups, and add value from your experience and network.

  • Just the fun, not the fuss

    No time spent networking with start-ups outside of your interests and no time wasted handling the paperwork.

  • From small to large amounts

    Build a diversified portfolio from as little as €1,000 per start-up, while having the option to go for six-figure investments.

  • Safe & secure

    Fully secure payment environment, full refund if the start-up is unable to complete its fundraising.

Selection of open rounds

Please find below some examples of live rounds. In some countries you need to login to see full information.

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foldable scooterbike

EZ2 B.V.

EZ2 B.V. is a company formed by three experienced entrepeneurs to produce and market a new personal fold-up vehicle that can be transformed into an easily portable trolley. This light electric vehicle (LEV) is called the EZ2® (easy to). The modern, innovative and sustainable product was developed by the company’s three founders, who will be responsible for R&D, sales and marketing in the new company. The production and distribution of the new product will be outsourced. The primary target group for the EZ2 is urban professionals and commuters who travel regularly by car or train for whom it represents a new and relaxed mode of transport in the busy environment. The EZ2 promises consumers a laid-back journey, with no sweat and no wrinkled clothes. It provides great individual trips in urban environments within a 10-kilometre radius. EZ2 vision is to create and provide a convenient solution for personal mobility and thus to contribute to an efficient and sustainable use of the increasingly congested urban space. The core values of the EZ2 are that it is convenient, laid back and sustainable. These values will be carried through into the ordering, delivery and service processes. Our focus in the first year will be on the major cities in the Netherlands. The initial market will be Amsterdam, where new legislations will be implemented. The popular Dutch light moped (“snorscooter”) will be banned from the cycling paths. There are 45,000 light mopeds in Amsterdam and vicinity. Out of these one third is expected to cease using this form of transport and one third will use other sort of scooter transportation, which is an enormous opportunity for EZ2. It is estimated that the business-to-business segment could come to account for 50% of sales if we push concepts such as green mobility, corporate promotion and mobility around large business sites. Our ambition is to sell the EZ2 in large cities around the world. The retail price for the EZ2 will be € 1,495, including VAT. Projected sales are 1,200 units in 2018, rising to 4,500 units in 2020. The primary sales platform will be the Internet, so the focus of the online promotion will be on directing potential customers to the web shop. Promotion will commence well before sales start with the creation of an online community and by posting blogs. Offline promotion will start shortly before sales begin with the purpose of introducing the EZ2 to the target group. The campaign will consist of events and pop-up stores, as well as demonstrations by teams of students at which potential customers will be able to test drive the EZ2 with the aim of stimulating impulse purchases.
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Early bird


Salestack B.V.

Homepage startupbootcamp voetjes
Salestack brings lead discovery into a new era. We are changing the way businesses: select, qualify and warm-up their sales leads. We save our clients up to 90% of their time prospecting by generating qualified leads succeeded by automated and personalized outreach solutions. As a result business owners and sales representatives are able to optimize their lead generation and close more deals than ever before.     ProblemProspecting - the process of identifying and approaching potential customers – is a time consuming, expensive, and frustrating process. Many companies lack knowledge about their ideal customer, where to find them, and how to engage with them one-by-one. A study of MIT & Hubspot showed that 50% of sales time is wasted on unproductive prospecting. Furthermore, to engage in a successful 1-on-1 contact on average 8 attempts are needed. Despite these figures, 38% of people doing sales already give up after the first attempt. This asks for a sophisticated solution which automates and personalizes the sales process.   SolutionSalestack encountered this problem with our own build solution: a stack of technologies that solves the real pain of prospecting. We take a description of an ideal prospect and convert them into real, warmed up and interested leads for our clients. Based on our own experience and backed by an MIT study published in the Harvard Business Review, we know that in general business owners and sales representatives on average spend more than 30% of their time looking for new, potential clients; this is called prospecting. At Salestack we found a solution to save them up to 90% of their time during this process by delivering supporting our clients at finding new clients by delivering them warmed up leads so they won’t have to cold call ever again.   
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Trunkrs B.V.

Love to deliver Trunkrs is an innovative logistical company in a conservative branch. With smart IT solutions, we create services that make lives easier for consumers and the organizations that use our services.  The first services that Trunkrs offers are ‘Same day delivery’ and Return on demand. These services are especially tailored to the needs of webshops and their customers.   Trunkrs’ delivery solution Trunkrs has developed a well-designed combination of the proven (professional) hub-and-spoke logistical frameworks.  With this network, we are already able to deliver nationwide in both The Netherlands and Germany at a very high level of quality. For the near future, we plan to add various innovations to our service offering.    Traction so far Trunkrs has shown some impressive growth over the past few months. We have several medium sized customers enlisted, as well as the European number one fashion platform Zalando. Expectations are that we will continue this growth. Not only do we expect the current contracts to lead to a doubling of the current amounts of shipments, we also have a well filled pipeline of prospective customers.   The Problem E-commerce is booming. In The Netherlands we are ordering over 200 million parcels per year. That number is expected to grow to 250 million by the year 2020. This is great, but has a downside. 25% of these orders are not directly delivered to the intended recipient, causing a lot of dissapointed Ecommerce shoppers These shipments are being delivered by 17.000 delivery vans per day, going in and out of our neighborhoods contributing to pollution and crowded streets. That is why Trunkrs has built a fast, reliable and sustainable solution for the last mile.   The Solution Trunkrs has developed a well-designed combination of the proven professional network and the flexibility of a crowd-sourced delivery. In the figure below we have illustrated the workings of this solution. Trunkrs controls the complete network from professional collection to crowd delivery.       The Market The total E-commerce market is expected to be nearly 250 million parcels in 2020 Trunkrs is currently focusing on the Dutch parcel market, targeting primarily the E-commerce segment. In 2016 there were over 200 million deliveries. This was a growth of over 16% compared with 2015. Expectations are that this growth will continue.   Same Day Delivery to be 25% of total deliveries in 2020 In an evolving parcel market, the Same Day Delivery starts to emerge. Currently, about 1% of all parcels are already delivered on the same day of ordering. Based on US developments and supported by research (BI Intelligence), same day delivery is expected to be just under 25% of the total market in five to ten years’ time. This results in over 50 million parcels to be delivered Same Day in The Netherlands around 2020.   Market Strategy Focus on larger webshops For all logistical companies volume is king to bring down the costs per parcel. Research by Twinkle shows that the top 10 biggest webshops sell as much as the numbers 11 to 100 combined. In our commercial efforts, we therefore focus on the top 200 biggest webshops and on 150 e-fulfillment organizations in The Netherlands. Their high potential volumes are a great benefit. Risk of this target group is the high intensity sales process needed to get them on board. However, as we show with Zalando (one of the biggest webshops in Europe), we are well equipped to handle large customers.    Investors Our current investors are experienced Startup investors and talk with tons of startups. They choose the ones that are most promising to them. So, why do they invest in Trunkrs? They tell it themselves.   Joost Ruigrok SDDI holding BV:As a professional investor, I seek startups that can take a substantial market share in existing markets through innovative, realistic Business Plans and a good executive team. Trunkrs has it all and is therefore in my opinion a promising startup.   Fred Vendrig SDDI holding BV:As I travel a lot for business all over Europe, I saw that E-Commerce is booming and that more and more commercial vehicles enter the communities to deliver parcels the same day. This results in over-crowded areas and has a negative effect on the environment. I saw that Trunkrs found the solution by transforming the conventional transport system in to a crowd delivery business concept. As an investor I am looking for: innovation, a strong management team and a team that has proven experience in the transport industry. I found that in Trunkrs.   Rokus den Boer P.O.V. BV:I am always looking for people with a drive, with energy and that's exactly what the people at Trunkrs have. With that they have their idealistic mission of crowd delivery. That was the trigger for me, next to a promising business case of course.     Management Team Jan Wijn - (CEO)-FounderJan is passionate about creating, building and scaling disruptive concepts and has broad experience in the postal sector (PostNL, TNT Express).   Dimitri Balai - (COO)-FounderDimitri is excited about mobilizing the crowd to create logistic crowd networks and is an excellent people manager (TNT Express).   Hidde Stokvis - (CTO)Hidde has programmed his way through life, was involved in entrepreneurial endeavors since his 21st and is really ambitious to make the best in class IT for our Trunkrs customers.     Concluding We are at the start of the wave of demand for Same Day Delivery and are perfectly positioned to capture a significant part of this market. We will do so in a profitable, social and environmentally friendly way. Are you the investor that can help us achieve our goals? Support us and join the crowd!
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Early bird

Scala Sports

Scala Sports B.V.

Scala is the app that connects racket sports players. In racket sports, players always need an opponent at their level and a court to play on. Almost 50% of tennis players indicate they would play more if they had more partners. Scala solves this. The app allows players to find the perfect opponent, organize games, book courts and trainers, and compete for their in-app rating. The addressable market for active tennis, squash and padel players is large: 39m active players in Western Europe and US alone. Active players play 40 times a year on average. These players spend € 13bn on their sports across membership fees/court bookings, trainer bookings, competitions and gear. Our initial focus since our go-live in June has been on tennis in Amsterdam and early traction has been exciting with less than 20k spend in total.  The way we plan to grow is by building local communities in large cities In 2018, Scala will grow geographically by continuing to build local communities. We focus on the 5 largest cities in the Netherlands and we will expand to Belgium (Antwerp / Brussels - first 2 clubs in Brussels secured) and London.  This is our seed round. We are raising money to progress the app by improving features we test and validate to further improve retention and monitization. Futhermore, we use this round to expand to 5 cities in NL and London, and start with padel and squash. For padel we have a partnership in place with the market leader in building padel courts in NL. We aim to get to 37k users by Dec'18.      
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The Leapfunder Note is a sensible and attractive way to place capital in start-ups in the Netherlands

Diversification is important in angel investing. Leapfunder is a platform that allows angels to spread their investments.

Leapfunder investing allows you to become actively involved in a start-up, just as in classical angel investing, while taking all the hassle out of transaction execution

Leapfunder is ideal for investing smaller amounts in a start-up in the very early stages. Such investments can be a powerful addition to a portfolio

With Leapfunder you get a great opportunity to build up a diversified portfolio of start-up investments, often investors can play an active role in developing the company

When I saw the Leapfunder proposition I thought straight-away: this is what start-ups need. I am an entrepreneur and wish this system had been available when I started my company.

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Pieter ter Kuile


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Wouter Kneepkens


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Ronald Bazuin


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Eric van der Maten


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Eric van Gilst


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Donald Res


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