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Salestack B.V.

Homepage startupbootcamp voetjes
Download hier onze laatste investor deck; https://salestack.io/download/investordeck-salestack-january-2018-v2 Salestack brings lead discovery into a new era. We are changing the way businesses: select, qualify and warm-up their sales leads. We save our clients up to 90% of their time prospecting by generating qualified leads succeeded by automated and personalized outreach solutions. As a result business owners and sales representatives are able to optimize their lead generation and close more deals than ever before.     ProblemProspecting - the process of identifying and approaching potential customers – is a time consuming, expensive, and frustrating process. Many companies lack knowledge about their ideal customer, where to find them, and how to engage with them one-by-one. A study of MIT & Hubspot showed that 50% of sales time is wasted on unproductive prospecting. Furthermore, to engage in a successful 1-on-1 contact on average 8 attempts are needed. Despite these figures, 38% of people doing sales already give up after the first attempt. This asks for a sophisticated solution which automates and personalizes the sales process.   SolutionSalestack encountered this problem with our own build solution: a stack of technologies that solves the real pain of prospecting. We take a description of an ideal prospect and convert them into real, warmed up and interested leads for our clients. Based on our own experience and backed by an MIT study published in the Harvard Business Review, we know that in general business owners and sales representatives on average spend more than 30% of their time looking for new, potential clients; this is called prospecting. At Salestack we found a solution to save them up to 90% of their time during this process by delivering supporting our clients at finding new clients by delivering them warmed up leads so they won’t have to cold call ever again.   
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Scala Sports

Scala Sports B.V.

Scala is the app that connects racket sports players. In racket sports, players always need an opponent at their level and a court to play on. Almost 50% of tennis players indicate they would play more if they had more partners. Scala solves this. The app allows players to find the perfect opponent, organize games, book courts and trainers, and compete for their in-app rating. The addressable market for active tennis, squash and padel players is large: 39m active players in Western Europe and US alone. Active players play 40 times a year on average. These players spend € 13bn on their sports across membership fees/court bookings, trainer bookings, competitions and gear. Our initial focus since our go-live in June has been on tennis in Amsterdam and early traction has been exciting with less than 20k spend in total.  The way we plan to grow is by building local communities in large cities In 2018, Scala will grow geographically by continuing to build local communities. We focus on the 5 largest cities in the Netherlands and we will expand to Belgium (Antwerp / Brussels - first 2 clubs in Brussels secured) and London.  This is our seed round. We are raising money to progress the app by improving features we test and validate to further improve retention and monitization. Futhermore, we use this round to expand to 5 cities in NL and London, and start with padel and squash. For padel we have a partnership in place with the market leader in building padel courts in NL. We aim to get to 37k users by Dec'18.      
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Last chance

Civocracy Bridge

Civocracy B.V.

Homepage startupbootcamp voetjes
Civocracy B.V. is Europe’s leading civic tech platform. Signed customers include: S. Holland, Nice, Sicoval and Monheim Am Rhein.    We empower local governments to connect with their citizens, by assisting municipalties, cities and territories to make decisions in a more transparent way. The platform allows them to harness the knowledge of their citizens, ultimately better shaping communities through improved city consultations.   We have proven success with our 15 paying clients from four different countries. In 2017, we signed €262,450 in revenue. We use machine learning and big data to provide actionable insights and analytics on participation. Government are able to ask for feedback on key issues, gather ideas, and gain public perception on policy. Citizens can offer their opinion and propose projects, stay informed, and can see when their input has been read. We’ve empowered our clients to increase their reach, participation levels, and efficiency.   We are raising a bridge round of €150,000, prior to opening our Series A growth round later this year. We’ll use the bridge funding to continue developing our platform’s features, and continue growing our client base.   PROBLEM   71% of people are mad at their government, and apathy is at an all time high. In the 95 elections held across Europe since 2014, on average only 56% of people voted, where as 30 years ago (1983-7), the average turnout was at 77%. The ways people have been able to express themselves - social media, town hall meetings, protests etc. - are insufficient. This has led to widespread disengagement.     SOLUTION   The Civocracy.org platform allows for focused discussion around specific topics. For instance, the city of Lyon has consulted citizens on education reform, and Losser on biodiversity regulation. All comments are analysed by our machine learning algorithm, from which we can create detailed reports with constructive and applicable outcomes that can form policy and local projects. Citizens are also able to create discussions around subjects they wish to see improved in their communities.     Key platform features: SUCCESSES      “The Civocracy platform is innovative, interesting and brings serious added value to offline citizen consultation. This is the future, I am convinced of it.” Biel Raphael, Deputy Cabinet (Participatory Democracy), Ville de Lyon   SALES APPROACH In 2017, we launched our multi-city participation strategy programme, Territoires Fédérateurs, which teaches and empowers governments to more effectively connect with their citizens, learning collaboratively from one another, and through expert trainings. The first cohort features Strasbourg, Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes, Guyane, Sicoval. This year, we will expand the programme to the Netherlands, Belgium and Switzerland.   MAJOR CLIENTS We additionally hosted the inaugural Debating Security+, an online debate run by Friends of Europe. During the 48-hour conference, we held 77 discussions and received 1750 comments. A number of high-level security officials were in attendance and hosted discussions, including Amina Mohamed, Kenyan Minister of Foreign Affairs, Gilles De Kerchove, Council of the European Union, Bert Koenders, Dutch Minister of Foreign Affairs, and Denis Mercier, Supreme Allied Commander at NATO. Many of the ideas have been included in a report that was passed to organisations such as NATO, the European Commission and the EU. They have already resigned for 2018.     *compared to traditional methods such as town hall meetings and written correspondence. Data from a consultation with Ville de Lyon in 2016.   ACHIEVEMENTS   Graduated Startup Bootcamp Amsterdam Smart City, 2015 Signed Strategic Investment with Centric B.V., 2016 Successfully raised strategic and angel funding  Launched First Optimized Version of Civocracy, July 2016 Debating Security+ conference for global security VIPs, September 2017 Designed and Launched Territoires Fédérateurs Programme, 2017 Expanded team to 9: recruited Emily McDonnell (previously Oxford University, comms) and Bassel Tabet (previously VP of HNWI at Credit Suisse), December 2017 Numerous awards, including:  EU Seal of Excellence, European Institute of Innovation and Technology Digital Challenge winner 2016, Le Monde Smart City Innovation Prize 2017, 50 Companies to Invest Challenges.fr, Ashoka Social Entrepreneur to Watch   TESTIMONIALS  (from Paying 2017 Customers)    “Administrations can’t govern like they used to; there’s incredible strength to be gained by associating citizens in the process. Your tool is perfectly adapted to accompany this: it is based on modern, user-friendly practices with ergonomics, and an environment capable of stimulating quality debates. Thank you for making us progress in digital participatory democracy!” Nathalie Bonfanti, Innovation-Digital Department, Métropole Nice Côte d'Azur   “In the new digital society, we find have to provide citizens with ways to contribute through new methods. In Civocracy, we recognized their added value: the platform is a welcome addition to our existing methods."Marcel Wildschut, Alderman, Municipality of Losser   “We are confronted with a difficulty that traditional tools do not allow us to resolve: limited participation, particularly amongst young people. Civocracy allows us to address this major problem. Easy to take in hand, easy to access, it allows young people who are used to digital technology to participate, and enables us to re-engage the city more generally.” David Kimelfeld, Mayor of the 4th Arrondissement, Lyon   “Civocracy has enabled us to meet our needs, and to communicate and participate actively on social networks.”Rieneke Kanne, Councilor for Tourism, Culture and Economy of the Province, North Holland
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Early bird


Clevergig B.V.

  About clevergig clevergig is a B2B SaaS company and Startupbootcamp alumnus. Our smart, on-demand scheduling software allows temp agencies and other middle-men to quickly match the right worker with relevant shifts or projects. We are tapping into the fast-growing gig economy and on-demand product and service deliveries. Our business model is subscription based, where a customer pays a license fee per user. Our product is fully operational and we have built up significant commercial traction in the last few months. Gross margins are high (90%), with healthy acquisition costs relative to Customer Lifetime Value (CLV). Our goal for the coming 5 years is to build a company with €5m in annual recurring revenues (ARR).     About this round This relatively small funding round is meant as a bridge towards a larger (growth) round in 2019. Please note that funding room is therefore limited. We will use the proceeds of this round to become cash flow positive and further grow the business. This then strengthens our position when negotiating with venture capital funds. Joining this round is a great opportunity, as you are protected by the cap, while our next growth round is expected to be done at a much higher valuation than this cap.   Commercial traction We use a subscription model, where clients pay a license fee to use our software. Our Annual Recurring Revenues (ARR) currently stand at €46K and have been growing fast in the last few months. With every new month that passes, we add more clients and thus increase our ARR. In the last 4 months, we found product/market-fit and managed to sign up most of our clients. All customers are Small- to Medium-sized firms from the Dutch temp or event agency space. We have another 47 deals in our pipeline, with a CLV of €170K when assuming a 30% conversion rate. Each month some 20 new prospects show interest in our product and request an online demo to see our product.     Sales model Our sales model is typical for a SaaS company. Almost everything is done online or via the phone, which is highly efficient and allows us to build a scalable model going forward. A prospect typically requests an online demo via our website (generated via online campaigns) or is approached by a cold call. If there is a fit, we then demo the product in an online meeting. After negotiations, we onboard the client via an online session and provide support via online chat or phone.   Product usage Our clients - small to medium sized temp agencies - act as middlemen to provide staff to their clients. Usually on short notice. Examples include staffing to fill open shifts for companies in hospitality, healthcare, and logistics. Our current clients serve more than 500 of their clients via our software. To date, more than 750 workers are actively being scheduled via our app. And it is safe to say that our product is becoming an indepensible part of our customers' daily operations. The scheduling data provides the key source of information to bill their clients, and pay their workers. Key numbers are provided below.     In February alone, >2,500 shifts - or 15,000 hours - were scheduled. A 44% increase from the previous month. Best news of all is that 91% of those shifts were fully staffed, and most of them within minutes after publishing. Below you can find a short demo of how you can quickly fill an open shift:     Vision The gig economy is here to stay. Consumers want products and services now and delivered to their door. As a result, smart companies are shifting to a more flexible workforce to deal with peaks and insource specific knowledge. At the same time, an increasing number of workers is choosing to make a living via several sources of income. We foresee a future where employees no longer have a fixed role within a single company but are dynamically teamed together from project to project, based on skills, knowledge and staffing needs.   Goal clevergig aims to make a strong contribution to this changing labor market. We wish to enable companies to create an on-demand workforce and to provide them with simple tools to manage their flexible workforce. At the same time, we aim to ultimately give workers the freedom to do the work they want to do, when they want to do it. Growth scenarios include linking up temp agencies' clients to our software and making our software a plug-and-play solution to adjacent software providers. Our focus remains on the on-demand space, rather than traditional and predictable scheduling.   Problem Temp agencies provide an extra layer of flexibility for many firms in the Netherlands. Some agencies provide on-demand services, filling open shifts on an ad hoc basis. A temp agency planner currently wastes time in finding the right worker with such an open shift. He or she often uses email and Whatsapp Excel to assess worker availability. Then calls or messages his pool of workers to find the right person and share relevant information on the shift. Workers are left with an old-fashioned and slow experience, while clients are left in uncertainty on whether a shift is filled.   Solution clevergig offers a workforce management (WFM) tool, to manage and schedule a flexible workforce with ease. We are now fully focussed on temp agencies. Helping them to quickly schedule the right worker for an open shift. Workers take a more active role and provide real-time availability, and accept shifts from their phone. Our product is used by small to medium size temp agencies that have a pool of on-demand workers, who act as a layer of flexibility for one or more clients.  
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Leapfunder is ideal for investing smaller amounts in a start-up in the very early stages. Such investments can be a powerful addition to a portfolio

With Leapfunder you get a great opportunity to build up a diversified portfolio of start-up investments, often investors can play an active role in developing the company

When I saw the Leapfunder proposition I thought straight-away: this is what start-ups need. I am an entrepreneur and wish this system had been available when I started my company.

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