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Last chance


Cabture B.V.

Homepage startupbootcamp voetjes
  We make taxis more fun!     Cabture is an ad-tech company, founded in 2014 in Amsterdam. It focuses its business activities around the transportation, being especially active in the taxi industry. Cabture originates from a passion for traveling and a desire to utilize lost travel time. During our journey, we realized that this topic is much more complex than just providing onboard entertainment. Data collected and analyzed by Cabture allows taxi organizations to allocate their resources more efficiently, increase service and offer additional features. Revenues of Cabture come from advertising in and on taxis, and from taxi drivers and companies who are happy to pay for increased quality, effectiveness, and for an additional service for their customers. Being currently active in Amsterdam, Cabture is preparing for international, and sectoral expansions.       CabTab is a digital screen, available for passengers sitting on a back seat of a taxi. It delivers information about the taxi driver, the city, shows a map, allows you to read news, book tickets for museums, check-in for your next flight, watch a movie, or just browse the internet. It provides Cabture with revenue, through sold advertising space. Above, you can see our brand new interface prepared for use of TCA in Amsterdam.     Management dashboard allows taxi companies to see all their vehicles in the real time, access all statistics about their drivers, or check the ratings. Cabture’s team is uploading advertising banners, and accessing a significant amount of data through the dashboard. Additionally, it is possible to contact any selected, certain groups, or all drivers through the portal.   Hospitality solution allows hotels, business buildings, restaurants, and others to order a CabTab taxi. Venues are sure that their guests will be always picked up by the highest quality taxi, they can precisely know what time will it arrive, book cars for exact time and amount of people required, or cancel the order without making one phone call. After entering the taxi, passengers are welcomed by CabTab on behalf of their origin venue- thanking them for their visit and inviting them again.     Cabvertisement was the first source of revenue for Cabture. Applying stickers to the vehicles changed them into moving billboards. This solution attracted multiple clients allowing Cabture to cooperate with world’s biggest companies.     There would be no Cabture if there were not Louaie. The founder and CEO of Cabture is often seen as a true visionaire. Louaie has a strong conceptual mindset and a strong drive to keep on creating new ideas and developing our current business. He is mainly focused on sales, products, and partnerships. He dreams of building a global empire. He really believes in the future of the Company and tries to realise his dreams every day, by motivating our team, accepting challenges and seeing them as new possibilities.     Former accounting teacher at the University of Amsterdam, MSc in Finance, and CFA level I candidate. For Cabture, Adam left his consulting practice. He runs Cabture’s accounting, creates financial plans and strategies, and is the main contact for investors. Besides his financial knowledge, Adam took Cabture to a higher level and professionalized all aspects of the Company. From day one, Adam gave his unconditional loyalty and determination towards the company. He takes a lot of responsibility and puts his whole heart on the table.     The first line of contact for Cabture’s taxi drivers and personnel. Strict, but just, Mita makes sure that all the plans and ideas are actually implemented. Responsible for daily management, execution of campaigns, and HR. Mita is a person who always works in a structured way and she has an ability to structure the work of the whole team. She proved her and dedication, gaining trust and support from the entire team.                                       After years of systematic work, we have a product that we are proud of and that is ready to be shown to the world. Advanced functionalities, modular construction that allows easily add new modules, and the quality of the software put us in a position where we always wanted to be. Taxi partners across the world are contacting us to receive a proposal. New York, Stockholm, Istanbul, Doha, Kopenhagen, Berlin, Frankfurt, Antwerp, Brussels, Buenos Aires, Capetown, Prague- these are the cities that expressed an interest in acquiring our technology. We are in more advanced stages of negotiations with taxi partners in Dubai, Vienna, and of course Amsterdam. Starting at the end of September, our new software will be deployed in the fleet belonging to TCA taxi- the biggest and the most renown taxi company in Amsterdam. Our aim is to be active in those 3 mentioned cities within 6 months from now. In Amsterdam, we would like to build a network of around 1000 vehicles by the end of 2018. In Dubai, we will aim for at least 5000 CabTab taxis and in Vienna at least 500 taxis with our solution, also by the end of 2018. This year, we want to have pilots running in Vienna and Dubai, and full-time operations- as we already do- in Amsterdam. Additionally, we are in an advanced stage of negotiations related to an A series. We hope to close a €1M.+ investment this year, and based on our progress, we have no doubts that it is feasible. Such investment would greatly accelerate an expansion into the new markets and would allow us growing at unachievable so far pace. Please, contact us for more details.   We are working on our A-series and things are looking more and more tangible. However, a process of acquiring such a big investment always takes time. In the meantime, we have to keep growing and deliver on certain contracts. To do so, we need some additional funding, which is why we are addressing investors, asking for support. We want to include additional features in our software, which will make it easier for us to sell our solution to further taxi companies. We have to grow our sales team, to be able to achieve better results. Eventually, we need capital reserves to be able to deal with payment term pressures from the side of our customers and suppliers.     
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Leapfunder Germany

Hinksprong B.V.

Leapfunder aims to enable early stage high potential companies to raise equity online with a pool of informal investors. Leapfunder was co-founded by >60 active Angel investors, who often use it actively and shape the strategy. We call this group the Founders Club. This offer of investment is an invitation to join a part of this club, which will be called the Founders Club Germany. This will be a group of strategic investors that will be advisors and mentors for our expansion to Germany.   Leapfunder develops online investment tools that are designed for the combined needs of the companies and the investors. Since commercial launch in July 2014 Leapfunder has passed € 12 Mln raised in > 60 companies with ca. 70% successfully funded. At the time of writing > 10,000 angel investors had registered on our site to participate in the Leapfunder investor community. Leapfunder expects to continue growth by expanding to Northern Europe. Leapfunder handles account management, business development and compliance from Amsterdam, Berlin and Copenhagen. All IT software development has been outsourced. Leapfunder helps start-ups to form investor syndicates online. For this purpose, Leapfunder has developed the Leapfunder Note a robust financial structure that makes it easy to bring together larger numbers of investor. Also Leapfunder has developed the Leapfunder Hub, an online social network for investors, where they can build or join syndicates. The Leapfunder Note is a financing method that allows a start-up to raise enough capital to start their company from multiple investors. Typically the funding requirement is between EUR 50k and EUR 250k, but it can go up to millions. The Leapfunder Note consists of standardized contracts for a convertible note and a special purpose vehicle for bringing together investors.   The Leapfunder Hub is an online platform which enables investors to discover each other and communicate. It also makes it easier for a start-up to be discovered by a larger number of investors. The Hub provides spaces where start-ups can show a teaser of their business plan. Investors may be introduced by the start-up to their dataroom which contains their full information memorandum. Leapfunder provides the software and means of payment to enable the start-up to accept investment and issue the securities online. Social networking features allow investors to exchange insights and tips with each other. Introductions are automatically made between investors who have co-invested. In summary Leapfunder facilitates investment by: Providing a social networking community on leapfunder.com Providing software that allows the start-up to execute the investments online A standardized legal structure, which small investors can rely on Leapfunder aims to benefit from a start-up only if the start-up is successful. For this reason the remuneration for Leapfunder is a % cash commission combined with the right to convert this commission into Leapfunder Notes in that company on the same terms as other investors. Leapfunder can exercise this conversion right at any time. There is also an up-front cash commitment fee, when a company starts its fundraising campaign. In the future we expect there may be a maintenance fee for the online tools that the start-up needs to maintain the relationship with their investors. Leapfunder is not a crowd-funder. Its start-ups typically aim to work with 10-20 informal investors, who are investing between E5-50k each. Companies offer a round to investors by invitation only, and the rounds are not normally open it to the general public. We emphasize in all our communications that Leapfunder offers an online form of classical Angel Funding. Leapfunder has built a successful operation in the Netherlands and has obtained an opinion letter stating that its approach is consistent with German markets regulation. Leapfunder has attracted interest from German investors and companies. After raising funding from the Founders Club Germany Leapfunder will start to list German start-ups on it site. Concurrent with this expansion Leapfunder is expanding into Scandinavia, with Denmark as the current preferred lead-market. In order to finance the further technical developments and its European growth ambitions Leapfunder itself is now aiming to raise approximately EUR 150,000 with this round to finance the expansion to Germany, as well as the ongoing cash-burn for software development and general operations. Leapfunder may expand the issue and also use other sources of investment beyond this campaign. The issuing party is Hinksprong B.V., a Dutch corporation. Leapfunder is a trade name used by Hinksprong B.V. Investors will gain a share in all Leapfunder’s country operations through their share in Hinksprong B.V.. There is a German subsidiary called Leapfunder U.G., but this is only intended for local presence purposes.
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Early bird


Get On B.V.

GetOn is a scalable SaaS solution that helps small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) to succeed online. We created GetOn because we believe that SMEs are the backbone of our economy.   Why do SMEs need GetOn? The digitization has forever changed the way business is done. Consumers’ expectations are changing. SMEs find it difficult to meet consumers’ expectations, let alone sell their products and services to them.   Mastering online marketing is the key to success. But where to start with a limited amount of knowledge, time and money?   Because we couldn't find a solution in the market, we created GetOn. Through the use of gamification an SME learns online marketing skills by doing. The goal; improve your business online findability and visibility, attract more customers and get more sales.   Product-Market fit In the Netherlands 99,8% of all businesses are SMEs. In 2015 there were 1,52 million SMEs with a total turnover of € 871 billion . SMEs spend an average of 10,4% of their total turnover on marketing. 2,5% of their total turnover is spent on online marketing. Up to 50% of their online marketing activities are outsourced . Our goal is to obtain a market share of at least 2%, making our obtainable market in the Netherlands € 113 million.   With GetOn we started targeting micro and small SMEs in the retail industry first. The idea for GetOn originated in September 2016 during the Chamber of Commerce Hackathon. One of the challenges, brought in by the Municipality of The Hague, was helping local retailers bridge the gap between off- and online. In November 2016, after winning the hackathon (1st overall and 1st in the category Smart Shopping), we decided to turn our idea into a business.   To kickstart our business we joined the acceleration program of World Startup Factory. With their help, as well as support from the Municipality of The Hague and Internet agency Q42, we were able to launch the first version of our tool in May 2017.   Beside the retail industry, we are currently developing a version of the tool that enables us to target SMEs in the service industry. To make sure our tool meets up to the expectations of SMEs, we work together with Google. Google identified us as a startup with growth potential. They support us with mentorship, insights and access to their network.   Business models GetOn   Freemium model One of our models is the freemium model, or as we like to call it; the drug dealer model. An SME pays a monthly fee to gain access to extra functionalities. Extra functionalities are add-ons such as;   Listings add-on (€ 8,99 per month) This add-on gets an SME a business listing on all of the most important online channels in their industry. From one central place they can easily manage business data like address details and business hours.   Social media management add-on (€ 9,99 per month) Managing your social media is time consuming. With our social media management add-on SMEs can schedule, publish and analyze all their social media posts in one place.   Automated advertising add-on (10% fee) Online advertising is complicated and expensive. With our automated advertising add-on an SME only has to set their daily budget and their online advertising campaign is created, published and optimised automatically.     Other models Affiliate model If an SME needs help from a specialist, for example with his website or an advertising campaign, we introduce him to one of our business partners. Our business partners pay us a commission fee for all referrals.   API (Automated Health Check) Brands and agencies can access our API, based on a subscription model. With our API, a brand can measure the online performance of their resellers. An agency can do the same for their clients.   The models above are a small overview of what we have in mind. A full overview can be found in our business plan. The goal of our models is to get recurring revenue.   Scalability GetOn is a Software as a Service product and therefore easy to scale to other industries and countries. Together with our partners we are creating an ecosystem for SMEs. Because so much SMEs aren’t online yet, the opportunities to grow our business models are endless. Our biggest advantage is our referral power, as we are the starting point in the world of online marketing for an SME. Our ambition is to become what Atlassian is for developers; an ecosystem combined with a set of easy to use marketing tools, strongly integrated with each other with a lock-in for life.
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QC United B.V.

Homepage startupbootcamp voetjes
Overview   Quicargo is an online platform connecting trucks with spare capacity to any business that needs transportation.    More than 50% of the trucks around the world are traveling empty or partially empty, resulting in a loss of profit, increase in traffic congestion and pollution. In Europe alone, the inefficiency is estimated to be €160Bn.    Avishai Trabelsi, CEO and Co-Founder of Quicargo, experienced the 'empty runs' problem first-hand while he was managing his family's transportation company in Israel. In realizing it was a global challenge, he decided to join forces with Elad Yarkoni, a full stack developer, and Roni Liberman, a product expert, to establish Quicargo.    Last September, we raised €450K from a leading logistics company (H&S Group) and angel investors. The funds were dedicated to implement and fine-tune our product for the Netherlands. To this day, we have successfully delivered 1000s of pallets and now it is time to scale up! We are pleased to invite you to take a direct part in Quicargo's official launch in the Benelux.    We are seeking to raise €450K as a convertible note and our current investors will re-invest 50% of that amount (see their endorsements below)! The majority of the funds will be invested into sales in order to catapult Quicargo's scale up and enable a successful Round-A investment in Q2 2018, in which the note will be transferred into shares.     Road Freight Introduction   Road freight is the life blood of our economy with more than 70% of all the goods in Europe being transported by trucks. According to the European Commission, the GDP of the EU is expected to steadily grow in the upcoming 10 years (approx. 2% annually). The road freight industry reflects that growth and will increase respectively.    The Problem   The main challenges directly related to road freight are the increasing amount of road congestion and the shortage of drivers. These two parameters are increasing drastically every year. This incline will not only have a negative effect on the costs of road transportation, but it will also increase our costs of living. Of course not to forget that 25% of the Co2 emissions are caused by trucks.    Moreover, the impact of e-commerce technology has led consumers to change their purchasing behavior. The customer is now in control and the competition requires businesses to be highly responsive. This revolution directly impacts the domestic road freight industry by making it nearly impossible to utilize unused cargo space efficiently due to more unpredictable cargo movements and higher amounts of smaller sporadic shipments.    As a result of the challenges above and due to the fact that is a very fragmented industry, the margins for the trucking companies are extremely low, with the average profit margin less than 1.5%. The costs are increasing constantly, while the transport rates remain the same due to fierce competition.    We believe that Quicargo improves utilization of the existing trucks on the roads and therefore it is a direct and immediate solution for the road freight industry.    The Solution   Our platform detects the empty space data in real-time, receives the shipper's requests and finds the best match based on location, time and delivery requirements. Our smart algorithm allows us to provide carriers with a new source of incoming demand, while making sure that the carrier will be on time to execute their planned route(s). Quicargo’s end-to-end platform includes fast payment, insurance and online proof of delivery (POD).   The Market   Our target market is the European domestic road freight industry, with a focus on the B2B sector, representing a potential market of over €190Bn.       Our target users are small and medium sized businesses (SMEs) who handle transportation for domestic distribution of light commodities (e.g. plastic manufacturer, wholesaler, warehouse, etc).    These SMEs (shippers) have their usual flow of deliveries with their own trucks or through an outsourced transportation service provider. However, frequently they have ad-hoc transport needs (unplanned deliveries). In order to organize the transportation for these ad-hoc occurences the shipper will need to spend a lot of time and exhausting efforts to find a solution, ultimately resulting in a very high price. Moreover, with today's economy the businesses need to be flexible in order to support the evolution of the consumer behavior.    With Quicargo these SMEs gain direct access to 1000's of trucks in their area with free capacity providing them with an effortless solution for their unplanned deliveries. We save shippers costs and time, while providing carriers a new source of revenue.    Go-to Market    We have launched operations in the Netherlands, our first location, which has approx. 100,000 relevant SMEs and 12,300 trucking companies representing a potential market value of €18Bn. We aim to grow in the Dutch market and expand to Belgium and Germany over the next 18 months. And within 5 years to be active in 5 European countries.         Quicargo USPs   Over the past couple of years more than €200Mn have been invested in start-ups all over the world from China to the U.S., including the giant tech companies such as Amazon and DHL. In Europe there are about 8 competitors that we consider to be direct competition.    So what makes Quicargo special? Technology - Our matching algorithm is based on multiple data sources including data from the internal planning software of the carriers enabling high accuracy of information. This saves a lot of time and efforts for all parties involved.  End-to-end solution - We take care of the entire process from the delivery request to the online proof of delivery, including delivery status updates, quick payment and insurance.  Domestic market - While the majority of our competitors focus on international transactions, we believe that the real potential is in the domestic market, where 85% of all freight is carried a distance <150 km.    Top 3 "Digital Freight Platforms" in Europe   Frost & Sullivan, the global leading market research firm, selected Quicargo as one of the top 3 "Digital Freight Start-ups" in Europe, with the highest growth potential in the upcoming years.     Traction   In October '16 we have started operations and since then we have built a network of more than 3,000 trucks and over 250 SMEs. We have successfully delivered over 5,000 pallets. 65% of our active customers are returning to our platform on a monthly basis and our average month-on-month turnover growth rate is 15%. Our revenue model is a transaction fee from each delivery.    Should be noted that until today Quicargo has been in the 'soft launch' stage, meaning that we invested our efforts in improving the user experience and fine-tuning our product, therefore we didn't invest in sales & marketing.            Team   Our team is a mix of Israeli and Dutch professionals, together we bring extensive experience in logistics, technologies and business development. The operations and sales team are based in Amsterdam, the Netherlands and the development team in Tel-Aviv, Israel.       Moreover, we have a dedicated advisory board who bring experience in go-to-market strategies, commercial sales and transportation expertise.       What our investors say?   Q-Investment Holding -  "We invested in Quicargo because we believe it has a great team and a huge potential market! Quicargo is the best platform to connect shippers and carriers for national distribution and also on a European scale. NO MORE EMPTY RUNS! We strongly believe in it." - Paul B., Fred V. & Joost R.   H&S Group -  "The transport world of logistics needs to change drastically. The H&S Group strongly believes web-based platforms matching supply and demand in a real-time manner will disrupt this industry in the upcoming few years. Quicargo is one of the sophisticated proven front-runners that will be embraced by the market." - Ubbo Hempenius CEO H&S Group     Willem Prinsen -  "After 35 years of working in the transportation sector, I discovered Quicargo. They have successfully developed and implemented an easy to use, end to end solution in the Netherlands. It has already proven its value for the trucking companies and shippers. The next phase is to generate more volume and make Quicargo scalable. I decided to join Quicargo as an advisor and investor with the mission of helping Quicargo in realizing their vision".      What our customers say?      
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The Leapfunder Note is a sensible and attractive way to place capital in start-ups in the Netherlands

Diversification is important in angel investing. Leapfunder is a platform that allows angels to spread their investments.

Leapfunder investing allows you to become actively involved in a start-up, just as in classical angel investing, while taking all the hassle out of transaction execution

Leapfunder is ideal for investing smaller amounts in a start-up in the very early stages. Such investments can be a powerful addition to a portfolio

With Leapfunder you get a great opportunity to build up a diversified portfolio of start-up investments, often investors can play an active role in developing the company

When I saw the Leapfunder proposition I thought straight-away: this is what start-ups need. I am an entrepreneur and wish this system had been available when I started my company.

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