Angel Investing for Everyone

Investing in startups is exciting. You get to be a part of disruptive business, run by a team that wakes up every morning with excitement, passionate about their idea and about making it happen. Making the world a better place might sound cheesy, but it’s all about solving a problem, breaking the rules, challenging the status quo and offering improvement.

Angel investing for everyone

Angel Investors

Angel investors are the risk takers that fuel this improvement very early on. They are the ones taking a chance when the odds of success are very low. Almost every major tech success – Google, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Airbnb, Skype, Zynga, etc. – started with angel investment.

Investors often have direct contact with the founders and help the company grow. They see the success develop before their own eyes.

Unfortunately, Angel investing is only for the happy few. Startups seldom accept investments below 50,000 euros. The legal and administrative hassle that comes with a small investment is just not worth it. So a startup keeps looking for that one angel who can fund them. Until now.

Leapfunder Notes make it easy to bundle multiple smaller investors (starting from €1,000) in one investment round. This increases to chance of successful funding of this startup. This creates an opportunity for you.

You can now invest in startups. By joining experienced Angels you can invest in startups that have been previously inaccessible to the public. You can also spread your investment budget over multiple companies to build a diversified portfolio. The Leapfunder platform gets you access to a large number of startups and allows you to invest using the professional grade deal structure that Leapfunder provides.

Create your Leapfunder profile today, enter the world of startups, find your all-star team and fuel the improvement they offer to the world!

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