Angels of Deutschland: Christoph Räthke’s New Podcasts

Christoph Räthke is a startup founder, investor, writer, speaker and mentor. His podcast, Angels of Deutschland follows him as he makes three investments in young, digital companies: 3 x 30,000 euros. The aim is to convey the know-how and passion that everyone who wants to successfully invest in the new technology companies in Germany needs.
A bald man leading a meeting at the tableSomehow everyone wants to improve the world, but when it comes to being concrete and investing money in teams with socially responsible goals, Germany is lagging behind. Why is that? In episode 19 Christoph Räthke talks to Christian Kroll, founder of Ecosia, who may be THE star of the Impact founders in Germany & Rene Wienholtz from LOOM IMPACT, formerly CTO of Strato, who has now founded a bank for impact investments. The third guest is Rainer Hönig from the Betterseries impact company. The three guests see the topic very differently. Check it out here:

There is an enormous range of VCs in Germany, each with different approaches, intentions, and processes, looking for startups accordingly. It’s important for angels and founders to look through this range to make fundraising easier. In episode 20, meet Markus Solibieda, as MD of BASF VC, one of the leading corporate VCs & Philipp Hartmann, founder of Rheingau Founders.

Until September 2020, in bi-weekly podcasts and blog posts and bi-monthly live talk shows, Christoph aims at giving a comprehensive intro to the art of angel investing.

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