Christoph Räthke’s Last Podcasts: Angels of Deutschland

Christoph Räthke is a startup founder, investor, writer, speaker, and mentor. His podcast, Angels of Deutschland follows him as he makes three investments in young, digital companies: 3 x 30,000 euros. The aim is to convey the know-how and passion that everyone who wants to successfully invest in the new technology companies in Germany needs.A bald man leading a meeting at the table

For many, including AoD, the transformation of the German industry and SMEs is the greatest opportunity for founders and startups. Many billion-dollar markets are still at the beginning of digitization, but have everything you could want: customers, sales, international distribution, and often market or technology leadership. Do employees of these companies found startups that are interesting for angels? Or researchers and scientists who are close to innovative materials and processes? Is that a segment where you can already find investment opportunities today – or is it true when critics say that established companies and their employees are doing far too well to create such opportunities? Find out more about this subject with the involvement of two protagonists: Ferdinand Bartels, the board member of the smart materials network and accelerators INAM, and Alexander Lakemeyer, founder of, the leading B2B marketplace for the chemical industry:

Twelve months of AoD are over – time to reflect and ask ourselves where business angels in Germany stand today and what we have learned. Christoph talks about his learnings and asks three angels about their last 12 months: Jana Moser, Angel for a year (from min 14); Dr. Ralph Müller, Angel for 10 years (from min 25); Peter Blauw, Angel for 2.5 years (from min 32). Peter is Dutch, and three weeks ago Christoph spoke in a German-Dutch format about the cross-border and cross-industry possibilities of Angel Investments:

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