German Startup Changemakers: Joi Regenstein

Joi Regenstein is the Managing Partner & CCO Sensorium Luxury Group, which aims to create products that accentuate ‘the moment’. He advises young startups, accompanies them in their initial phase and acts as a bridge between them and investors. Find out how he entered the startup world, how he’s shaping the scene in Hamburg and what he thinks about the German startup ecosystem.
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1. Hi Joi, thank you for agreeing to do the interview. Could you tell us a bit about your background and how you entered the startup world?

I’d love to. I’m a graduate communications designer and I’ve worked in various agencies as creative director and CCO for many years. At some point, I started my own digital agency with the goal of working with a small team for top international brands like AUDI, Lufthansa, Google, Mini and Paramount. After 12 years of agency business, I’ve decided to venture something new. As chance would have it, an exciting new challenge presented itself to me quite quickly. I do not believe in coincidences!

2. You’re the Managing Partner & CCO Sensorium Luxury Group. What’s your mission there? What do you want to achieve?

Our aim is to create products that accentuate ‘the moment’. The real luxury is to dedicate time to enjoy the moment, in a world that leaves less and less room to focus on the real issues. How do we want to deal with each other as citizens of the world?

I believe that everyone contributes to making the world a place where we all enjoy our own special kind of ‘luxury’, not at the expense of others. Our products are produced sustainably, always with the claim to do something good for people without harming others.

Ultimately, we develop luxury brands that are not only a marketing product, but always bring a special aspect to the product. All products are always 100% handmade.

3. What is it about the startup world that particularly attracts you and how are you shaping the ecosystem in Hamburg?

I love to work independently with a small team. That’s always the goal even if it’s also about being successful and inspiring people with our products and ideas. Besides, I advise young startups and accompany them in their initial phase and act as a bridge between them and investors.

4. You help young talents develop their business ideas. Could you share 3 lessons for startup founders that you find most important?

  1. Think carefully whether your idea of life fits your business idea
  2. Absolute commitment to the idea
  3. Absolute commitment to the team

5. What’s the next big thing in the startup world? What do you predict for the German startup ecosystem in the near future?

The next big thing is always different from what we think, we should stay open-minded. 

The German startup scene continues to develop but there is still a lack of courageous investors for seed investments.

Thank you for your insights, Joi. We wish you the best of luck in your future endeavours.

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