How to Raise Funding for Your Startup on LinkedIn

We believe there is enough capital out there for every good idea. By offering an Angel network and a standardized investment structure small investments become possible through Leapfunder. There is power in numbers and many smaller investors can still bring together a very significant starting capital. We aim to introduce startups to an extensive European Angel list and help find financing. Using our instruments, entrepreneurs can connect with investors, access tested legal documentation, and find guidance as they seek seed financing or later rounds of funding.

Leapfunder’s alumnus Beazy is a community of creatives making content production simple via a B2B marketplace. They help companies, agencies, and organisations produce the content they need. Clients create projects to which creatives apply and/or bid. Creatives make money supplying their services and gear while also sharing, discussing, and engaging with the community.
By breaking down the cost of producing content into its basic components they optimise each step and fully take advantage of all excess capacity. Their CEO, Jonas Ngoenha is a former fundraiser and team leader for Wesser und Partners in Switzerland but also Event and Marketing Lead at the PropTech company 32nd Floor. At Beazy he focuses on growth, marketing, strategy as well as customer support.

Jonas created a funnel for raising funding on LinkedIn. He already raised two rounds using this technique which worked really well for Beazy. Since a lot of people asked him how he did it, Jonas decided to record a video to help other startup founders do the same. Learn how to raise funding for your startup on LinkedIn in Jonas’ video below.

*Startups should always be very aware of the general terms and conditions of any site they are using, and while using a scraping bot should take advice from the supplier of the bot about what is considered appropriate use. When executed well an automated search can make all the difference, but the quality of the execution is what matters.

If you have further questions, feel free to drop them in the YouTube video comment section or contact Jonas at

On Leapfunder, investment can start from as little as €1000 per investor, which is why it has quickly become the largest network of Angel investors in Europe.

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