How we became the largest Angel Network in the Netherlands

For Leapfunder 2015 has brought a lot of growth. We have met and exceeded the goals in our business plans and our business has grown roughly 3 times since last year. We now hold the record of being the first to let a startup raise more than 1 million euros online. We have passed 6 million euros raised in total. Our brand has grown, our new website and software have increased our functionality. Perhaps most importantly: we have become a trusted part of the startup eco-system in the Netherlands, enabling many entrepreneurs to realise their vision and their dream.

How we became the largest Angel Network in the Netherlands

2015 Milestones

  • In collaboration with Startupbootcamp, we concluded our first group-investment deal using a pooling structure

We worked closely with SBC to develop a brand-new Angel investment product. Investors were able to invest in an entire SBC class. The amount of the investment was set by investors before the startups were selected for the Startupbootcamp program.  As soon as the program started, startups received the funds as a part of their acceleration. This new form of investing opens up the market to new types of investors and is a strong enabler for an accelerator program. The approach was so successful that it will be used again in the next SBC Amsterdam program, and quite possibly internationally.

  • We have had 10 deals live at any point in time for a while

Investors enjoy choosing the companies that they invest in carefully. Although great startups are always rare, we have worked hard to bring more and more startups to the website. This way our regular Angel investors have plenty to look at and consider. We find that more startups bring more attention for all of them and everyone benefits.

  • We easily passed €6M total invested before the end of the year

We passed €5M total invested in Q4. We were busy, and there was little time to celebrate. And only a few weeks later we passed €6M total invested before the end of 2015. Perhaps the best milestone to celebrate is passing €1M per month, which happened in December thanks to our biggest round so far, Bolt Mobility’s AppScooter.

  • We had our first transaction over €1M, a national record

Bolt Mobility’s AppScooter raised over 1 million euros using Leapfunder Notes. This is the first time it happened in Dutch online seed funding, and it’s a national record. We stayed true to our philosophy of promoting Angel funding, and keeping the number of investors as far down as possible. The average investment was above €20K and each investor has developed a relationship with the team and the company.

  • We passed 5000 registered investors, becoming the largest Angel network in the Netherlands

The world of Angel investment clubs is often closed and mysterious. There is no way of knowing precisely, but it seems we are the largest active Angel club in the Netherlands right now. Our average investment remains higher than 5 thousand euros per investor and the average number of investors per round is less than 20. Our Angels like networking with each other, exchanging advice and tips. Our investor round table sessions have grown into a regular institution in the Amsterdam startup scene, and we are rolling this formula out elsewhere in the country. We even get requests from abroad.

Plans for 2016

For us, 2016 will be about growing out Dutch business. We want to bring a lot more value to our customers, in terms of the experience online, the investment opportunities available, and the ability to network and make investment friends easily via our system. At the same time, we are looking abroad. We are receiving active requests from Berlin, Copenhagen, and elsewhere to bring our products to their market. Legally the main barriers are removed and now it comes down to bringing the product to the market right and making the most of 2016! May it be the best one so far.

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