Leapfunder Angel Clinic: Impressions of a Participant

If you want to learn investment best practices, get access to the startup scene and invest with fellow Angels, join Leapfunder’s online Angel Clinic on September 11th. The first couple of editions are already behind us, and the attendees that joined found the experience highly rewarding. Karin van Zeelst was one of the first participants. Even though she’s a serial entrepreneur, she decided to join this workshop for beginning startup investors and kick-start her Angel investing career. Find out what her impressions are, what are the top lessons she took from the Angel Clinic, and how will these learnings impact the way she works.
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1. Hi Karin, thank you for agreeing to do the interview. Could you tell us how you became interested in startup investing?

As a serial entrepreneur, I found there are many similarities with Angels in looking at a business, it’s potential, growth and value. I’ve had many conversations with investors (Angels, VCs, and institutions like banks). It’s a very interesting world with many different layers. If successful, the learnings and profit are very significant. As a person who is interested in making an impact in the startup world and alternative forms of generating income, I decided that joining Leapfunder’s Angel Clinic was a great opportunity for me.

2. You attended the first-ever Angel Clinic. What are your impressions? 

Tienko Rasker, Leapfunder’s CEO, is a great speaker and has vast knowledge when it comes to the Angel investing world. Compliments to his approach and teachings. The build-up of the Angel Clinic was very logical. It did feel a bit fast at times and there is a lot of information to take in so be prepared to learn a lot.

(Note to future participants: To learn more about the Angel Clinic check out our video explainer and our 2-pager. To learn more about the type of content Leapfunder is providing check our academy page.)

3. Could you share the top 3 lessons for first-time investors you took from the Angel Clinic?

Sure, here are my top 3 takeaways from the Angel Clinic:

  1. There are common mistakes you could prevent by learning from other people’s failures and spending time with investors who’ve done this many times before. By gathering knowledge and experience, and building an ‘investor gang’, you’ll learn much more. Perhaps this could save you some ‘growing pain money’.
  2. Be careful with ‘red flags’ and ‘odd deals or partners’. When it’s too complex to navigate, the startup should fix these things before you invest. Be careful with ‘debts’ and partners that give something ‘for free’ now, expecting something back later.
  3. Spread your chances with a couple of startup investments and get first-hand info on their progress.

4. Will your learnings from the Angel Clinic impact the way you work at Sportkaart Bedrijfsfitness or Aimforthemoon?

Yes, in some ways. Mostly for me as an entrepreneur. It will also help me in ‘presenting’ results and progress to stakeholders.

5. Who would you recommend the Angel Clinic to and why?

I would recommend the Angel Clinic to people with enough savings who are interested in investing in startups. And business founders who’ve had an exit as well as serial entrepreneurs. This kind of knowledge will help you make better choices whether you’re a beginning startup investor or an entrepreneur.

Thank you very much for sharing your impressions, Karin. We wish you the best of luck in your future endeavours!

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