Leapfunder Sales Academy Event

Did you know that will miss about 70% of the market if you are not doing any outbound sales (cold calling/emailing)? Too often sales is underrated for startups. Most of the startups rely on inbound sales, but in the B2B market, after the first round of early adopters dries out it gets a lot harder to present your growth graph. When your startup gets more mature and you start targeting the early majority of the market, they will probably be unaware of your solution and will not find you. This is why last week, we organized the Leapfunder B2B Sales Academy event where 6 startups got to learn about Customer Focused Selling with the guidance of Niels van der Kaaij and Jörgen Simon from TideShifter.

Leapfunder Sales Academy Event

Leapfunder B2B event about Customer Focused Selling

Just like in our previous event, Leapfunder Pitch Academy, amazing mentors presented the best ways and methods to achieve the final goal and the workshop also included a sales pitch before the exercise and afterward where we rewarded the best overall sales guy and the most improved one.

The 6 startups

Here are the amazing startups that got to participate in the Leapfunder Sales Academy event:

  • CashorCard is the POS designed to grow your business. Free, fast and beautiful. Built on Magento cms – works seamlessly with your existing e-commerce store.
  • Achieved – The online professional development platform that unlocks the value of informal learning.
  • Plot Projects – Plot Projects is the ultimate Geofencing solution for your app. Implement our Plugin into your app to send Geofencing Notifications and iBeacon Notifications.
  • Printr – FormideOS is the all-in-one 3D printing solution that your printer has been missing – from designing and slicing all the way to monitoring the actual print.  With the FormideOS you have found the missing link between your hardware and the software that powers your printer.
  • Joopp – Next step in online evolution. Websites that create and update themselves.
  • Saddl – offers retailers the right tools to deliver your package when you want it. Even today!

 The main takeaways

Here are some of the main takeaways:

  • No goal means no prospect!
  • Take the time to diagnose before you offer a prescription!
  • People are best convinced by reasons they themselves discover.
  • Bad news early… is good news!

If you’re a B2B startup, invest in your sales team. However annoying cold calling may be, learn about the ways that can help you achieve significant results!


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