Miriam Bundel: The New Person Behind Leapfunder’s Round Table Sessions in Germany

We interviewed Miriam Bundel, the Co-founder of Unternehmerwissen, who is now also part of the Leapfunder team. Thanks to her experience and background in the startup world, she is now responsible for organizing the Round Table Sessions in Germany. Find out what’s her experience at Leapfunder so far, how she feels she can influence the German startup ecosystem and when is the upcoming Round Table Session.
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Photo by Raimar von Wienskowski

1. Hi Miriam, welcome to the Leapfunder team! Could you please introduce yourself to our investors and the startups? Tell us a bit about your background and your new role at Leapfunder.

Thank you, I’m happy to be part of Leapfunder now. Since 2015 I have been in the startup scene as I founded a startup by myself. Therefore I feel the struggle of founders to grow their business. Luckily, I had the pleasure to get to know lots of founders, investors and exciting personalities so far. In Unternehmerwissen, my team and I organize conferences and workshops for entrepreneurs to level up their business. My mission is to empower the European ecosystem. At Leapfunder, I’m the Community Manager for Germany, and I bring together startups and investors by organizing network events. I’m delighted to see startup founders get connected to experienced investors for the best advice and the chance of scaling their business through funding.

2. Some Round Table Sessions are already behind you. What’s your experience so far? What is your main focus for the future Round Table Sessions?

What I love about the Round Table Sessions is how simple it is to connect. It’s all about sustainable networking without a big show or forcing to sell. We tell our startups to ask for advice, not for money, because everyone learns from each other. For now, I create events in Hamburg and Berlin, but we want to enter more German cities to empower Germany’s ecosystem soon.

3. How do you feel you can influence the German startup ecosystem? How do you feel you can contribute? Do you think the Round Table Sessions can make a difference in shaping the ecosystem?

The Round Table Sessions enable startup founders to find a mentor, partner, expertise and cash to scale up their business. Through our events, we build deep networking in 1 on 1 sessions, which result in quality time between investors and startups. I’m convinced to bring high-quality people together that will shape Germany’s ecosystem by creating new jobs and innovation.

4. When will you feel that your journey at Leapfunder has been a success?

There is no need for having a certain number of connections between startups and investors. I believe it’s a success when at least one startup is connected with the right person to find their way to success. I want to give founders a real chance to bring their ideas to the market.

5. Tell us about the upcoming Round Table Sessions. When? Where? The best way to RSVP? What to expect?

The next event is in Berlin on the 9th of August in B10. Just apply on Leapfunder.com and then expect to meet early-stage startups and experienced investors! First, we will do a small introduction and then move onto 1 on 1 sessions. Afterwards, we will enjoy beer and snacks together. It’s always fun and valuable.

Thank you very much for sharing your thoughts and upcoming plans with us, Miriam. We wish you the best of luck at Leapfunder!

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