Patrick Boström: Enhancing the Stockholm Ecosystem as a Founder and an Angel

We talked to Patrick Boström, an experienced CEO and board member who consistently drives growth and innovation in various industries. His background in 7+ startups has given him a unique perspective on building and scaling successful businesses. Find out how Patrick contributes to the startup scene in Stockholm both as an entrepreneur and an angel investor.

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1. Hi Patrick. Thank you for agreeing to do the interview. Could you please tell us about your background and connection to the startup world?

My entrepreneurial journey started in 2008 while I was living in Hong Kong. I started two companies and a student organization, which got me engaged and immersed in the startup world. Since then, I have started and been a part of 7+ startup initiatives in different forms and industries. I love the startup life, the experience that comes with it, and all the challenges that you stumble upon along the way. I’m also connected to the startup world as an angel investor.

2. You spent years working in various roles within startups, gaining a deep understanding of the challenges and identifying growth opportunities. Tell us about your current mission. What’s motivating you at the moment?

Throughout my career, I have developed a passion for working closely with high-performing teams to implement strategies that drive results, whether developing new products, entering new markets, accelerating growth, or optimizing operations.

As the CEO of Prenify, a software company, I’m focused on helping companies maximize the value of their marketing campaigns. I always strive to find the next opportunity for growth with the latest technology and strategies. At the moment, I am diving deep into AI and machine learning, looking to create the next big thing.

As an angel investor, I predominantly invest in early-stage startups. I focus on software companies in different industries and look for companies that solve real-world problems.

3. What’s going well in the startup ecosystem in Stockholm? What’s the ecosystem lacking? 

The startup ecosystem in Stockholm feels huge right now, and many interesting initiatives are popping up continuously, such as investment platforms, co-working spaces, and incubators.

Right now, I feel that the startup scene in Stockholm is highly distributed on many different platforms, groups of investors, and initiatives being worked on simultaneously, making it harder to get a holistic picture of everything that is going on. 

At the same time, it’s harder to raise funding with increasing interest rates and a slight downturn in the market. However, Stockholm will be one of the most important startup cities in Europe.

4. How do you feel you’re contributing to the startup scene in Stockholm? Do you feel Leapfunder will make a difference now that it’s present in Sweden?

I have contributed to the startup scene by starting several startups, such as Throw Software and Prenify, and I worked as CEO for Informind. Lately, I’ve become more involved as an advisor and an angel. Mentoring and nurturing startups is rewarding and a great way to keep learning and growing both as a founder and an investor.

I think Leapfunder will fuel the already vibrant startup ecosystem. Making it easier and more accessible for startups to acquire capital and connect with potential investors. This is harder to achieve independently, especially without a good network of already established experts.

5. What do you predict for the startup ecosystem in Stockholm in the near future?

I predict a continued increase in AI startups. Investing in startups through different apps and platforms will become easier and more streamlined. Swedes have a talent for consumer products and software, and a lot is happening in FinTech. 

Also, remote teams will continue to be a thing, with more talent connected through digital platforms.

Lastly, I think there will be a lot of focus on digital health as the tech stack evolves and regulators catch up to advances in the field.

Thank you very much for sharing your story, Patrick. We wish you the best of luck in your future endeavors.

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