A Remarkable Startupbootcamp E- & Mcommerce Demo Day

Last Friday we attended the remarkable Startupbootcamp E- & Mcommerce Demo Day. SBC never fails to exceed the expectations. Once again they selected the most rocking startups and invited keynote speakers who inspired everyone present.

John MacFarlane, CEO and founder of Sonos, shared with us his humble, billionaire story. Our most important take away from his speech is to ask for help and not have an exit strategy.  “The best exit strategy is not to have an exit strategy. If you have an exit strategy you are not following your vision, you are not changing the world. Start with your passion and build for the long term, focus on making your customers happy and change the world.”

The second speaker was Cees Links, “the most unknown important Dutchman” who invented the WiFi and currently the CEO of Greenpeak. The takeaway: perseverance. Perseverance is the key to success, so keep going, never give up.

Dutch startup ecosystem was more impressive than ever this Demo Day thanks to Neelie Kroes, the Godmother of startups, and the StartupDelta initiative, who showed us The Netherlands has a much stronger ecosystem than we think. They are on a mission to put the Netherlands on the map as the biggest startup ecosystem in Europe with ms. Kroes connecting and building bridges between the government and the investors in order to create opportunities for startups.

Demo day after all is the day for startups to shine and they truly rocked it. Ladies and gentelmen, meet the rockstars…

A Remarkable Startupbootcamp E- & Mcommerce Demo Day

The Startups at Startupbootcamp E- & Mcommerce Demo Day


An automatic price comparison extension for browsers

Everyone likes a good value, but with Yippie! you get the BEST. This start-up is looking to revolutionize the way online price comparison works with their browser add-on that automatically compares the price of your product without you having to leave the store’s page. It’s fast, easy & free, and better yet, they’ve introduced a game changer in the form of “personalized offers”. And starting next Monday, their launching customer, Media Markt will be able to offer shoppers just that!


Photo credit: Startupbootcamp


A next generation, enterprise level e-commerce platform

Nowadays many corporate businesses are struggling to innovate, and this is mainly because their IT systems are probably about ten years old and weren’t built to withstand frequent changes. Magnetic.io introduces Vamp, the high-tech lego, which allows companies to build their platforms by modules, making them easier to go through constant changes. Vamp not only saves money but is the key for IT departments to become the kings of innovation. They are proud to announce that already two corporates have taken them on: Trivento, and the Dutch bank, Rabobank.


Joopp is the easiest & fastest website builder…

Drawing from personal experience, both Joopp founders, have created a solution for effortless online presence and marketing for small/medium business owners. The Joopp service is able to create a website in a matter of seconds by collecting information from other available sources online, for example: Twitter, Facebook or other review pages. Among their partners, they mentioned Werkspot, a large community of Dutch professionals.


RelevancyData.com adds relevant data to your video content. This unique solution links video content providers, advertisers, and users…

RelevancyData uses face recognition video technology to recognize a lot more than faces. They recognize logos, objects, celebrities, even emotions. With this, they have revolutionized online video advertisement by making sure that the correct ads appear for the correct target audience. Making content providers, brands, and users all win.


Quiver allows you to embed and share your files…

Data security is only becoming more and more important every day and Quiver is the only true solution for this. Quiver is a platform that allows you to embed and share your files without ever losing track of it. You control who can view it and where it is at all times. During Startupbootcamp they have grown surprisingly fast and have already raised 1 million euros and are expecting to raise a lot more.

Tom Kabinet

The E-Bay of second-hand e-books…

After a bit of free publicity from lawsuits from book publishers, Tom Kabinet is still growing strong as the first trade platform for second-hand e-books. Here, readers can transfer their e-books once finished and make money out of it, just like with paper books. Once you sell your book, you will no longer have access to it. For their next step, before the end of 2015, Tom Kabinet will also offer an All-You-Can-Read plan for 5€ a month. It will be like Spotify and Netflix of avid readers.


Photo credit: Startupbootcamp


Get creative with 3D printers without any technical limitations…

Although Printr doesn’t manufacture 3D printers themselves, they do create a solution for making 3D printing available to everyone. They have created a software, FormideOS, that turns the complexity of 3D printing into something easy and understandable. By using a dual strategy they will be able to cover the needs of printers yet to be made, by signing six printer manufacturer companies as customers, and the needs of already existing printers, by launching a separate device, The Element, which runs FormideOS and controls your printer.


Designed to provide complete transparency into overseas suppliers…

Eccentrade looks to help companies innovate, develop and launch new products by allowing them to find the best component for the product. It is a platform that helps find suppliers, connect buyers with those suppliers, and validate these suppliers. The problem they are offering a solution to is even bigger than they imagined, since they are helping big high-tech companies such as Apple, or Samsung, or Dell all the information they might need to make a correct decision on buying components of a certain quality and at a good price. All this using ‘green’ paperwork.


Photo credit: Startupbootcamp

Saddl / Hello Spencer

Saddl offers you great service, even during the deliveries. That’s why they created Laundr…

Wouldn’t it be nice to get those shoes you ordered on Amazon instantly? Just like pizza… Well, thanks to Saddl’s idea, hellospencer.co, now you can. Spencer will make shopping for you so much easier since she will be able to bring you anything you want. You will tell her where to shop, and in return she will offer you a detailed tracking system of your order and later you can give her a review. But the best part of all is that you will be able to receive whatever you ordered in 60 minutes or less, like we said, just like pizza.


A app where job seekers send a short intro video to employers instead of just a CV…

Startmonday seeks to disrupt the job recruitment process as we know it. They’ve created an app in which candidates search for job offers, once they have found one they like, they are able to record a 15-second video introducing themselves to the employer and explaining why they are the ideal candidate for the job. This way employers are able to have a look early on at their candidate’s personality and motivation, because after all, people are a lot more than PDFs.


Photo credit: Startupbootcamp

Startupbootcamp Demo Day exceeded expectations as always. We hope you discovered a team you believe in and the innovation you want to be a part of. Printr and Yippie have done Leapfunder rounds and Tom Kabinet is currently doing a round. If they impressed you check them out on Leapfunder:

Check out Tom Kabinet on Leapfunder!

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