Why Should You Join Our Angel Clinic?

Do you want to invest in the next generation of startups and grow the economy? You’ve come to the right place. By joining our Angel Clinic, you will get a refresher on investment best practices, access to the startup scene, and the opportunity to invest with fellow angels!

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As an angel investor, you are looking for a needle in a haystack. There are a lot of opportunities out there, but which are the ones that really matter? Some estimate that 90% of all new startups fail. Nonetheless, an increasing proportion of the business community actively invests in this space. Some of the biggest business success stories over the last years have been startups. 

Our Angel Clinic is designed to help you develop your own investment style. We will run you through all the technical components of startup investing. Meanwhile, we will give you direct access to other investors and fundraising startups, so you can build your investor network. If you make your first investment before the end of the course, there will be cash back from your tuition.

All events are powered by Leapfunder’s top experts and investors, with over 1,500 startup investments under their belt. By investing as a group, they can have the highest impact on startup growth.

You can access the Leapfunder network for six months by joining Angel Clinic. During this period, you will have access to our weekly Round Table Sessions with startups, and you can join our recurring workshops for beginning angels as often as you like. If you complete the program and invest within six months, your admission fee will be fully refunded, and you will continue having access to the Leapfunder network.

Here’s what Angel Clinic attendees found most useful:

  • How to conduct proper due diligence as an individual investor
  • What to ask founders pre and post the investment process
  • Personal relationships with founders are as important as the financial engagement

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