Why attend the next XXL Round Table Session

Gathering investors and startups in the same place at the same time, creates the perfect ecosystem for great things to happen. The recent visit of the Dutch Minister of Finance, Jeroen Dijsselbloem, to our office proves it.

Last Friday, we organized the first major round table session of the year and the second ever. It was a great mix of talent, a lot of fun and we would love to have you join us in the upcoming sessions. Please continue reading to find out how it works and the reasons you should not miss the next XXL Round Table Session!

Why attend the next XXL Round Table Session

How it Works

XXL Round Table Sessions are organized once a month in Leapfunder’s offices. Investors meet startups in an informal setting where 4 startups pitch their business, type of investment they are looking for or their stories (the content of the sessions is completely up to the startups). Afterwards, there’s a round of Q&A with the investors.

“We really enjoyed the round table event last Friday and, of course, would love to participate in the next one as well. During the session, we had the chance to do a live demo of the new version of liateR that we just launched and the feedback was amazing. We would love to participate again and have the chance to meet more exciting people from the startup ecosystem.” LiateR

CZ6dQn5WwAAInIyThe sessions only have one rule: startups must not directly ask for money. They can discuss what they’re looking for, but asking for money will get them disqualified. After the Q&A rounds, there’s a break for some drinks and networking.

The round table session was a great event for TABSTER. Lots of interesting people and we were able to really get some useful insights.” TABSTER


4 reasons to join XXL Round Table Sessions

1. Meet the team and not only the product
The round table sessions are the perfect place for investors to meet the startups, and analyze what really matters: the team. As there’s an informal setting, these sessions allow a personal evaluation of the team behind the idea, not only of their products.

2. Listen to the stories
Startups are focused on pitching their story, where they come from and where do they see themselves, which makes the round table sessions the perfect place to discover new, potential success stories.

3. Ask whatever you want
You are free to ask whatever you want, whether you are interested in investing or not. Ask about finance, future plans, how much do they plan to raise, or just share a piece of advice.

4. Early-bird access
Be the first to meet rising startups and find out about their future funding rounds before they go live. It wouldn’t be the first time, we see a successful partnership and investment come out of one of our sessions.

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