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Round Table Sessions: an Opportunity for Startups and Investors

Friday, September 30th marks another of our Round Table Session XXL, and this time at the startup+investor event of the year: Amsterdam Capital Week. Startup founders can ask investors anything they need guidance with, and investors can find promising new startups. Leapfunder’s Round Table Sessions are an opportunity for founders to meet potential future investors in a casual, informal setting. We’ve prepared a quick guide for both parties.

Round Table Sessions: an Opportunity for Startups and Investors

Guide to Round Table Sessions

Startup Founders: making the most of it

Startups get the chance to present their pitch to four investors at a time and get immediate feedback, and perhaps even rope in the investors. Aside from this, they can ask for financial advice from experts to better their business plan. Thereafter, a Q&A round will be held where both parties can get the tips they need to move forward in their endeavours.

Startup founders, be ready to answer these questions:

  1. What is your business idea?
  2. Who are the key team members who will make this possible?
  3. How large do you think this business can grow?
  4. How do you hope to make money, eventually?
  5. What makes your business approach unique?

“The greatest benefit from attending the Round Table Session came from talking with an investor from the Leapfunder network and having him invest enough later that night to help us achieve our minimum of 15,000 Euros before the first cutoff date. Other benefits would be the constructive criticism that the attendees provided. It was good to hear that we knew how to answer all their questions and that we had a very well thought out plan from their perspective.” – Tim Gauldin, Nestegg Biotech CEO

Investors: making the most of it

Our Round Table Session XXL is also very interesting for investors: Being the first to know about upcoming technology is a big advantage; great investment opportunities are to be found. Giving back some of the knowledge or experience that you have is also a gratifying experience. Being part of a group of young entrepreneurs is exciting and educational. Last but not least, expanding your network is something any savvy investor looks forward to.

“As the tech industry continues to grow and sprout successful startups across the country, it is important that we understand our responsibility to affect positive change in our communities.” – Ron Conway, Angel Investor

Our Round Table Sessions are all about connecting the right investors to the right startups and building great partnerships. Whether making a match with a new investor or simply picking the minds of experts, it’s a great occasion for everyone to network. Any startup is welcome to apply.

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